Friday, November 30, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Some Nice Chocolate Creams"

Friday.  Did not get up till nine oclock.  Got a letter from Hal Ewing (?).  I built a fire.  Cleaned up the rooms.  Went to elocution.  Went to the Star with Nannie for dinner.  Met Miss Thomas.  We came home.  Clara and Fred were in the \\\ as usual.  I studied.  Nannie came in.  We got our Short hand lesson out.  Fred went home.  Clara and I talked.  I wrote in my diary.  Clara layed down a few minutes.  She was not feeling well.  Nannie said I was going to be called up in Chapel for missing my classes.  Went to the office.  Got an excuse.  Went to my classes.  Went to the Star for supper with Nannie.  Moss & Lyon walked down to the corner with us.  Came home.  The boys came in.  Will had on his old clothes and a sweater.  Clara and Fred started to debate.  Clara could not find the room and came home dressed and went to the Cresent.  Will got me some nice chocolate creams.  Fred came for Clara.  We sent him to society but they missed each other.  Came back.  Will and I were in the \\\.  They came in.  Said they were going home early for us to give Clara the \\\ so we did and it was a mean trick for they went to \\\ and the boys stayed all night.  
from The Library of Congress; advertisement c. 1886

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