Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "A Box of Bon Bons and Gum"

In which Nadine wakes up late, hustles through the snow, snow balled, Mr. Lion calls again, Mr. Hodges gets angry, goes to Bible class, has fun at supper,  has an entertaining evening with Mr. Lion and Mr. Mitchel, and is very sleepy:
Sunday Nov. 11, 94.  Got up.  Didn't know what time it was for we had no clock but by the looks out side we supposed it was late so we was in no hurry about dressing for we supposed breakfast was over a long time ago.  So we sat down in our night gowns and the first thing we knew the East Hall breakfast bell was ringing.  Well maby we didn't do some husling.  The snow was about 1 1/2 feet deep and there was only a narrow path broken and we went stumbling along, though the snow had a real good breakfast.  Hodges and Kettle walked up with us but did not come in.  We snow balled and washed each others' faces on our way.  Nannie and I came in, sat down and got warm then she went down to Mr. Thomas' room for a package he had carried from the train the night before and taken to his room.  It was a table cover.  She wanted me to go with her but I told her I would stay home and clean up the rooms.  She had not been gone but a few minutes till Mr. Lion called and ask me to invite a lady friend in for the evening for her friend Mr. Mitchel wanted my company all to him self and if there was no other girl but me, he would talk to me to much and not give Mitchel a chance.  I told him Nannie was home so he said that would be just the thing.  He only stayed a few minutes.  Nannie and I fixed up the rooms, sat down and talked.  She took a bath while I wrote in my diary.  I took a bath and dressed for dinner.  Mr. Hodges got up from the dinner table and did not wait for us as usual.  Guess he was mad, but I don't care.  Nannie and I came up to my room, sat down and talked till we went to sleep.  Heard a knock.  It was some girl wanted us to go to Bible class in Messers. Donalson and Coalson's rooms.  Came back to my room.  Laid down and slept till supper time.  Went to supper.  Had lots of fun.  Hodges and Kettle walked up with Nannie and my self.  Did not come in.  We dressed for the evening.  Messers Mitchel of Chicago and Lion they brought us a box of Bonbons and gum.  How we did enjoy it.  We plaid consequences, told fortunes and plaid tricks with cards.  Mr. Mitchel and I fixed the window shades so no one could see us and the first thing we heard was some person throwing snow against the window.   Mr. Mitchel said he would send me a box of fine candies and Mr. Lion promised me a sleigh ride but I will not accept it if it is the only chance I have this winter for Hodges does not want me to go with him and I promised him I wouldn't.  They staid till late.  Started.  Forgot their rubbers and came back for them and stayed an other half hour.  I was so glad when they were gone for I was sleepy and tired having been up late every night that week.

Beeman's chewing gum was introduced in 1879.

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