Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Oh What a Time School Girls Do Have"

Sunday Nov. 18.  Got up a few minutes before breakfast.  Had pancakes.  I ate 3 but they weren't very good. The boys walked up home with us.  Will and I took a walk on up the street about 7 blocks.  Came back.  He stayed a little while and went home.  I am ashamed to tell it but I ironed several pieces.  Went to dinner.  Had lots of fun.  The boys didn't walk home with us.  Came to our room.  Clara went to Bible class.  I went to sleep.  Slept for about 2 hours.  Got up.  Clara was talking to Mr. Burney at the window.  Will came in.  Had lots of fun.  Clara went in the bed room and went to sleep.  Told us to call her in time to dress for supper.  We spooned all afternoon.  Some fellow drove past and kept looking at our window.  Will thought I had been flirting with him was what caused him to do it.  Clara got up a few minutes before supper time.  Came out and teased Will and I for a while.  We all got ready and went to supper.  The boys came home with us.  Stayed till nearly church time.  Nannie was in about a dozen times as usual.  Lucy came in to tell me what she heard some boys say that were passing along on the street by her window.  The remark was about the prettiest girl in Mound Hall.  She said it applied to me but it did not.  It was intended for my room mate.  Lucy dressed my hair.  The boys went to their rooms to prepare for church.  Came back about 7 oclock and tried to get out of going to church.  Said it was too late.  That the service begin at 7 so we were made and decided we would not go for it was too late.  We went in to Lucy's room to see what time it was.  Mr. Thomas her fellow told us it was 2 min. after 7 and church did not begin till 7:30 and that they were going so we came in and made the boys go with us to the Methodist church.  We intended going to the Memorial Hall to hear White but changed for some reason.  We all four sat in the same pew in the back of the church.  The boys took the hymnal books and picked out some letters such as I love thee, etc.  We had a cake walk* coming home.  Clara & Fred took the study room.  Will and I had the other room.  Clara came in and got a comforter and made a bed on the floor for them.  She took off her corset and loosened her clothes.  The room was dark.  Will was as sweet as he could be but I get so provoked at myself because I haven't a stronger mind of my own.  "Ge" how we did spoon.  They didn't go home till nearly 2 oclock.  Such a scrambling as they did do to get out.  Fred went stumbling around the room and at last he thought he couldn't find the way out with out a light so he told Clara to go in the bed room and he would scratch a match.  How we  have laughed over that nights experience.  After they had gone we lighted the lamp and got ready to retire.  We went in the bed room and there was a pair of under (?drord? maybe she means drawers?) and Clara declared up and down they must belong to Hodges but finally she discovered they were hers and she must have pulled them out of her trunk when she got the comforter out.  How we did laugh that night.  After we went to bed we talked about the events of the evening.  Oh what a time school girls do have.  Fred took his coat and we found his scarf (___?) on the floor.  He came down the next morning and got it.  Fred said Hodges had both his cuffs and shoes off.  But it so happened he had traded cuff fasteners with his brother and they did not come off as usual.  After we went to bed Clara imagined that Will was under the table for she didn't notice him leaving.

Cakewalk lesson (links to wiki article), 1890s

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