Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Ge Such Fun"

Tuesday, Nov. 20, 94.  In school.  Fred & Will were here earlier. Moss & Lion were here in the afternoon. Stayed till 4 oclock.  Fred & Clara were in the bed room. Fred crept under the bed so the boys would not see him. Ge such fun.
*More on college dormitory living in the 1890s:  Yale has a very nice series called "There's No Place Like Home:  Student Rooms at Yale, 1870-1910.
Eleven years later (1915) at Valparaiso University:
Earl Brewster & Roommate (whoever they are).
Photo is from Porter County site.
Not our place, but to give an idea of the style of the times:
New York University's Bronx Campus:  Interior dormitory 1890s.

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