Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "We Wore Our Evening Dresses"

Nov. 3, 94.  Came over to breakfast.  Went over to Clara's room.  We went up to Mound Hall to look at the rooms.  Came back and went up to the Public office to get Clara's hair pin that she had lost on Halloween.  Came up to my room and my room mate ordered me to clean the rooms.  Did not do it and went back over with Clara.  Mr. Warren came down just before dinner to break an engagement with Clara.  He wanted to play foot ball.  Clara, Mr. Warren, Hodges and my self intended taking a walk in the after noon, but it was too muddy.  Came over to Cash Hall for dinner then went up to Miss Traxlers room.  Clara came over for me.  I went over with her and Mr. Hodges came down. Clara's room mate was in the bed room washing or sleeping I don't know which, we talked for a while, and Clara took the rocking chair turned her face to the wall and put her feet on the wall.  She was reading a book.  She went to sleep and left Mr. Hodges and I sitting on the sofa.  I got home sick, but of course had some one to pet me in the evening.  Clara, Messers Warren, Hodges and myself went to the Star Society.  We started from Clara's room.  We all went together.  We girls wore our evening dresses.  I staid all night with Clara.  The boys did not go home till late.  Clara and Warren took the sofa, the lamp was turned down and we thought it was going to explode.
Mound Hall
An example of evening dress in 1894

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