Monday, November 12, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "The Dear Old Girl"

Monday, Nov. 12, 94.  Got up.  Did not know what time it was but supposed breakfast was over.  The fire was out.  I tried for an hour to start it again but proved to go out every time.  We got ready.  Thought we would go to the Star and see if we could get some breakfast.  Wading over there through the snow.  To our surprise we did get some thing to eat.  How glad for I was starving hungry.  We went from there to Nannie's former room to get the kindling wood she left.  We went out to where it was and there had been no path shoveled.  The snow was about 2 ft. deep.  So Nannie plunged in to it but could not get to the wood.  There I stood laughing at her while some young man across the way called and ask if we wanted some help.  Finely some young man that was rooming at the place came out and got it for us.  On our way home Nannie fell down.  The kindling flew all over the lot.  I sat down on a step and nearly died laughing.  She got up and down she fell again.  There I stood and nearly died laughing.  Some young man across the way called and said if it hadn't been so far he would have come over and picked you up.  We came up to my room and tried for a whole half day to build a fire.  At last succeeded and it has been buring ever since.  After breaking Class lamp and spilling the oil all over the room, it was Nannie's fault for she took the lid off the stove and the lamp was sitting on the floor.  Down it fell and smashed.  The lamp all to pieces.  After it was all over and the room got warm we sat down and begin sewing on Nannie's blue dress.  Sewed till dinner time when Clara the dear old girl came home.  Mr. Pierce came with her in the minutes after they were here the room was turned all up side down.  We sat here.  Clara and Mr. Pierce went to there dinner and Nannie and I sat here till dinner was nearly over.  Went down to teh dining room.  The rest of the people laughed at us and waited for us.  Hodges and Kettle walked up with us.  I told Mr. Hodges Clara was home so he came in and stayed nearly all after noon.  He and Clara went down to her former room to get the rest of her things.  They came back and Clara & Nannie went down town, while I stayed home and sewed on Nannie's dress.  After they went home, we read up the room and was getting ready for supper when we heard a knock at the door and in came Mr. Hodges and his brother.  They stayed till nearly supper time.  Clara made the drapery for the book case while they were here.  In the evening I was out in the hall for water and spilt it all over my self.  I saw Mr. Garland.  Came in.  Went to supper.  Mr Hodges came home with me and stayed till early three oclock this morning.  Clara started to bed real early and she happened to hink of the lunch she had broght from home so she dressed and brought it out, set it on the table, and how we did enjoy it.  Clara went out for a minute and in came Nannie.  She stayed a few minutes and went back to her room. Clara went to bed again.  We were sitting in the room by our selves and in came Lucy Thomas and Nannie Whitlaw.  They only stayed a few minutes.  After they went we fixed the fire and as usual began spooning.  I cared for him to some extent that night.  I went to sleep in his arms. 

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