Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "He Seemed So Sweet"

Wednesday Nov. 28.  Got up in time for breakfast.  Clara didn't.  She or Fred neither one were there.  Will came home with me.  He came in.  I sat on his lap.  He seemed so sweet. Lucy came to the door to get some kindling wood.  Nannie as usual came over pretty soon to go to class, Will put his arm around me before her.  He blew out the lamp and \\\ me.  Walked as far as him room with us.  Went to class.  Stayed for type writing.  Clara and I came home.  Got a letter from (__?) Ely.  Wrote in my diary.  Went to dinner.  The boys came home with us.  Will stayed till 1 oclock and had to go to Latin but did not go.  Missed two classes for me and I missed two.  "Ge" that's awful.  I did not go to supper.  Clara brought it to me.  Will came in after supper.  Fred was here.  They only intended staying a little while but stayed till nearly \\\ oclock.  We had the study room.  Clara and Fred took the \\\.  Will was so sweet I didn't want him to go.  Found another button.  The boys both declared up and down that it didn't belong to them and to prove it said we might examine.  

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