Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "All Such Nonsense"

Thursday Nov. 15, 94.  Didn't get up in time to go to Shorthand in school.  Hodges talked to some girls in Elocution class and it made me mad.  Went to dinner.  Fred and Will walked up home with us.  Did not come in.  Clara & I went up to Fred's room.  I peeped in the mail slide he saw me and took after us, ran down to our rooms, came in and stayed a while.  I went back out in the hall to get my lead pencil that had dropped out of my hair.  Mr. Lambert came out and told me to keep move quick.  Fred went up and got his law book and read about womans rights after marriage*.  Nannie Whitlaw got her guitar and Fred played and sang several pieces for us.  Nannie and Clara went down town.  I tried to study but went to sleep.  Went to type writing at 3 clock.  From there to my room.  Miss Sinclair called for a few minutes.  Nannie and I went to Shorthand at 5.  Came back to my room before going to supper.  Had lots of fun at the supper table.  Fred and Will walked up home with us.  Came in.  We stole some bread off the table and brought it to our room with us.  We had some butter that Clara had brought from home.  Clara and Fred toasted several pieces on the stove.  Clara was sitting on Fred's lap and Nannie Whitlaw came in the room.  Hodges and I were in the other room washing our hands.  Nannie came in our rooms about 25 times that night.  Moss & Lion called on her a few minutes and she was so ticked she had to come in and tell us the whole story.  Fred did not stay late.  But Hodges didn't go home till nearly 3 oclock.  His cuffs came off about 4 times as usual.  He ask me if I thought he would betray the trust I put in him.  I suspected he was a perfect gentleman. After that night, I cared more for him but did not want to acknowledge it.  Let Clara have the study room till she wanted to retire.  We took it.  I was so blue all evening I didn't know what to do with myself.  I told Hodges I was going home the next day and he made me promise I would not go before he would go to his room.  He said if I did he would not see me again after that night, for he would go to his room and his girl days would be all over.  He said if he lost me he never wanted another.  Talked all such nonsense all evening.  Some person threw snow at the study room windows and Clara yelled for Hodges.  He climbed out the window and walked down the street to see whom it was, but did not find out for sure.  Nannie was here.  Hodges pretended he was going to pray for her not to come back again, but it was not assured for she was in no less than a half dozen times after that.  Hodges bluffed her about looking so pretty in red.  She was foolish enough to believe it.
*More on women's rights after marriage in 1894.

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