Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "A Little Excitement"

Thursday, Nov. 94.  In school.  While in the Short hand class in the evening some boy handed me a note in the window to Mr. Trussel for me.  It was from Mr. Reed asking for my company to the Lecture that evening.  Had to decline because I had a previous engagement with Mr. Hodges.  In the evening went to Col. Bain's• Lecture.  Enjoyed very much.  A little excitement cause by the fire bell ringing which was only an explosion of a lamp in Mr. Lions room.  Mr. Hodges came in for a few minutes after we came home.  My room mate was in the room.  
*George W. Bain was, according to newspapers of the time, "a gifted Kentuckian who has won national fame as a lecturer."  His lectures were described as "bright, entertaining and eloquent and will prove a pleasant evening's entertainment."  Project Gutenberg has a copy of Eight Popular Lectures available for online reading.

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