Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Halloween"

Wednesday Oct. 31.  Was Halloween.  In school.  Went to a taffy pull* in the evening at Misses Thomas' and Whitlaw's rooms.  Lucy and my self made the taffy.  Mr. Thomas bought the nuts, and went for butter.  We all pulled the taffy and afterwards, plaid kissing games*, and several other kinds of games.  Did not leave there till after ten oclock.  Mr. Hodges brought me home and Mr. Varne brought Clara Shafer.  We four took a walk.  I staid all night with Clara.  That night the boys did not go home till nearly one oclock.  I was glad when they went for I was sick of their spooning.  Will and I had the sofa.  Clara and I slept on the floor.
Taffy Pull
*Old Fashioned Taffy Recipe

*More about kissing games:
The learning of skills was not an insignificant part before electronics. Social interactions were an inevitable and important part of them. A set of such playful interactions were kissing games which allowed forbidden actions to be experienced and practiced without social disapproval or consequences. 
One of the two best known kissing games, Post Office, allowed one player to go off from the group into another room and proclaim that there was "A LETTER FOR ____________" naming one of the group. That named person had to go into the private area to be kissed by the "POSTMAN" who had called that person's name. The person who received that letter became the postman and called another name to come and be kissed. Although the presumption was that kissing took place privacy ensured that those too shy to comply could pretend that they had kissed even when it was not true.

This was a little less private and more immodest kissing game in which all sit in a circle and one player spins a bottle. When it comes to rest with its mouth pointing to one of the circle that person is kissed by the one who spun the bottle. But it had to be done then and there in full view. Some still kissed demurely or prankishly, but some took full advantage. 
This activity involved a line of persons passing through openings made by other person joining hands. A song about passing in and out of the windows was sung and at its close "Windows" made by the clasped hands were closed by the grasping of that person "IN THE WINDOW". That person could then be kissed.  

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