Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "My Blue Umbrella"

Saturday, Oct. 20. 94.  At home in the morning.  In the after noon Misses Harris and Chrisler, Mr. Frink and my self took a walk out to Sagers Pond.  Broke my blue umbrella. Was a lovely day.  We wore our summer dresses.  In the evening went to the Star Society with Miss Sinclair and Edna Nichol, but sat with Misses Thomas, Jones, Whitlaw, Traxler.  Mr. Holz did not arrive in Valparaiso in time to take me as he intended but brought me home.  He came in a few minutes.  The lamp had no oil in it and went out, and left us in the dark.  He wanted to kiss me goodnight but would not let him. 
An 1890s Summer Dress
An Indiana woman holding an umbrella, c 1890s.

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