Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Very Sentimental"

Sunday Oct. 21, 94.   Went to the Christian church in the morning with Nannie Whitlaw, Ella Traxler and Lucy Thomas.  Mr. Holz spent the after noon with me.  My room mate was not in.  He staid till supper time, and wanted me to go to church withim, but had an engagement with Mr. Hodges, so he came up after supper to bade me good bye.  He staid a few minutes talked very sentimental.  I kissed him good bye after coaxing me a while.  Mr. Hodges called in the evening to take me to church but did not go on account of it raining.  He staid till the go bell rang.  Room mate was not in.
from Hodges' personal collection:undated photograph of brothers
John Hodges and William Hodges.  John was the older brother
and is mentioned later in Nadine's diary.

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