Friday, November 30, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Some Nice Chocolate Creams"

Friday.  Did not get up till nine oclock.  Got a letter from Hal Ewing (?).  I built a fire.  Cleaned up the rooms.  Went to elocution.  Went to the Star with Nannie for dinner.  Met Miss Thomas.  We came home.  Clara and Fred were in the \\\ as usual.  I studied.  Nannie came in.  We got our Short hand lesson out.  Fred went home.  Clara and I talked.  I wrote in my diary.  Clara layed down a few minutes.  She was not feeling well.  Nannie said I was going to be called up in Chapel for missing my classes.  Went to the office.  Got an excuse.  Went to my classes.  Went to the Star for supper with Nannie.  Moss & Lyon walked down to the corner with us.  Came home.  The boys came in.  Will had on his old clothes and a sweater.  Clara and Fred started to debate.  Clara could not find the room and came home dressed and went to the Cresent.  Will got me some nice chocolate creams.  Fred came for Clara.  We sent him to society but they missed each other.  Came back.  Will and I were in the \\\.  They came in.  Said they were going home early for us to give Clara the \\\ so we did and it was a mean trick for they went to \\\ and the boys stayed all night.  
from The Library of Congress; advertisement c. 1886

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Popcorn and Peanuts"

Thursday, Nov. 29.  After the boys went home Clara and I made a bed on the floor by the stove and slept till after 8 oclock.  Got up.  Cleaned the rooms.  I washed a piece or two.  Had them hanging by the stove.  Clara was out in the hall and Ferd came to the room with her.  When she got to the door she said, "Nadine put them away.  Maby I didn't do some tall hustling about that time.  We dressed.  Had a notion to go to church but did not.  Clara went to the Restaurant and got some cakes.  We got some peanuts and popcorn from a boy*.  Ate them.  "Ge"how we did enjoy them.  Will came over.  Went to dinner, but a friend from Chicago was visiting Fred so we did not go.  Will came home with me.  Stayed all after noon.  I missed all my classes.  We were in the \\\.  Clara came home at 5 oclock, and we pretended we were asleep and Fred came down as usual and they woke us up.  Will went over home.  Dressed and we went down town for supper.  I had lots of fun.  Will told me to notice how people glanced at me and how attractive I was.  Coming home we saw Moss & Lyon.  I did not speak.  Will thought I was a darling little girl for not speaking.  Came home.  Nannie came to the room.  Clara was in her stocking feet and had on her black night gown.  He ridiculous she did look.  I went out to see Nannie come in.  Clara gave us a dose of ginger tea and she went to bed.  We were out of coal.  The fire went out about 10 oclock.  Will went home then for I was tired and sleepy.  I took a cry and he petted me up.  He told me so much.  He got me a glass of water before he went home.  I went to bed.  Slept good all night.  Clara told me the next morning I hugged her thinking she was Will.  
*The first popcorn machine was invented in Chicago, Illinois, by Charles Cretors in 1885.   He was issued a peddlers license and the popcorn was sold on the streets.  The gasoline powered popcorn machines were located in front of stores to attract attention and street vendors would push them around to follow crowds.  C. Cretors & Company is still in business.
from  Early photograph of a popcorn machine.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "He Seemed So Sweet"

Wednesday Nov. 28.  Got up in time for breakfast.  Clara didn't.  She or Fred neither one were there.  Will came home with me.  He came in.  I sat on his lap.  He seemed so sweet. Lucy came to the door to get some kindling wood.  Nannie as usual came over pretty soon to go to class, Will put his arm around me before her.  He blew out the lamp and \\\ me.  Walked as far as him room with us.  Went to class.  Stayed for type writing.  Clara and I came home.  Got a letter from (__?) Ely.  Wrote in my diary.  Went to dinner.  The boys came home with us.  Will stayed till 1 oclock and had to go to Latin but did not go.  Missed two classes for me and I missed two.  "Ge" that's awful.  I did not go to supper.  Clara brought it to me.  Will came in after supper.  Fred was here.  They only intended staying a little while but stayed till nearly \\\ oclock.  We had the study room.  Clara and Fred took the \\\.  Will was so sweet I didn't want him to go.  Found another button.  The boys both declared up and down that it didn't belong to them and to prove it said we might examine.  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "What We Girls Were Up To"

Tuesday, Nov. 27.  Got up in time for breakfast.  Clara didn't.  Will wasn't there either so Fred and I had to represent the club.  I mean the F.L.C.C.  Fred walked up to the room with me.  Ask me what we girls were up to last night.  Told him nothing of course.  He believed me.  Yes why shouldn't he the way we treated him the night before.  Had good hot cakes.  I ate 3.  Went to class.  Had a good lesson for once.  Mr. Frantzen told me I could type write at 7:35 on machine 18.  Clara and I came home.  She was not feeling well.  Both got a letter from our Mammas.  She took a good cry over hers but I felt all right.  Miss Lenord called after Chapel.  Stayed till Clara came at 10 and went to Elocution at 11 with us.  Ge how she does dislike Nannie Whitlaw.  Guess jealousy over Moss is the cause of it.  Miss Gitlin and the older Miss Delay tried to flirt with Will but I didn't see him flirt with them for I kept my eye on him instead of paying attention.  Clara and Miss Leonard left before the bell rang so I had to go to the dining Hall alone.  Will and I were the first ones at our table.  Stinson told me to call after dinner and he would give me my receipt.  The boys came home with us.  Will and I didn't take a walk as usual but came to our room.  Fred and Clara took the \\\ as usual.  Nannie came and knocked at the door and Will wouldn't let me open it for her so she looked through mail slide and saw me sitting on his lap but I don't care.  She said she wanted her books but they were not here so pretty soon there was another knock at the door.  I opened it and it was Lucy Thomas.  I told her about what I thought of Nannie for her books weren't here.  Will waited till it was time for the second bell before he went to class.  "Ge" he was so sweet.  I didn't want him to go.  I was alone there.  Was a knock at the door.  And who was it but that horrid old Lyon.  Clara came in a few minutes and went back to Lucie's room.  He begin talking nonsense and I made him stop.  He went so far as to tell me I was the prettiest girl that ever came to Valpo.  He begin saying something about Will and I just told him he could not say any thing about him to me any way.  Miss Leonard called.  She and Clara took the bedroom.  They went away and still Lyon stayed.  Nannie came in.  We all got our Shorthand lesson out.  He went out and brought some kindling and some candy*.  Ge how good the candy was.  He started the fire and it was time for me to go to class and I told him I would not dare to leave the hall with him for Hodges would see me, so he went home.  I left the stove door closed, and no one was in the room till about supper time and every things was about to take fire.  Came home from class alone.  Went to supper.  The boys came home with us.  I told Will about Lyon being here and about Moss walking home with me the night before.  He got so angry he wouldn't let me be near him and was going to go home but I coaxed him not to go.  Little fool I was for doing it but I couldn't help it.  I went out.  Clara came after me.  Fred talked to Hodges and got him in a better humor when we came in he was in the \\\.  I went in.  Took a cry and after a long while we made up.  Clara made him go home about 10.  He didn't intend staying only till 7:35, but did. I promised I never would go with another boy. 
Candy advertisement from the 1890s

Monday, November 26, 2012

Nadine's Diary. "Ge such girls"

Monday, Nov. 26, 94.  Dressed and went to breakfast, a little late.  Will came home with me.  Got a group picture and took them home with him.  I went to Shorthand class about half dressed.  Came home.  Pounded Clara around.  Went to type writing.  Lion started to walk home with me and I knew I would meet Will and I didn't know what in the duce* to do for he would be angry if he would see me with him and as luck would have it we met Clara and she ask me to go back to the store with her.  That was only an excuse to get me away from him for we walked back down around East Hall and up home.  Went to Elocution.  To dinner.  Oh my such fun.  The boys came home with us.  Will and I took a walk as usual.  He flirted with some girl but then I told him to just for fun.  We acted simply terrible on the street.  But I didn't care.  Came back.  He came in and stayed till one when he had to go to Latin.  He was so sweet I didn't want him to go.  We saw Lion coming up the street and supposed he was coming to see me so I hid in the bed room and he came in.  Stayed a little while.  Ask for me.  Clara told him I was visiting and would not be home till recital time so he left a picture for me and a note.  "Ge" how I do dislike him.  I wish he would let me alone.  Went to classes.  Moss came home from Shorthand class with me.  Ask me to go to the Opera Tuesday night but declined.  He walked down to the dining hall with me.  The boys came home with us.  Stayed till Clara told them we were going away.  Fred got mad at Clara and went home.  We went down town to meet Mr. Gosset, Clara's old fellow.  Ge how we did bluff* Fred and Will.  We told them we were going to spend the evening with one of the girls down town.  Came home.  I went to bed and left Clara to chat with Gosset.  Will was so sweet it was a shame for me to let him suspicion that we were going to meet some boys.  "Ge" such girls.  
*Duce:  Nadine's spelling of "deuce".  According to the Online Etymology Dictionary:
late 15c., "the 2 in dice or cards," also "a roll of 2 in dice" (1510s), from M.Fr. deus (Mod.Fr. deux (nom. duo) "two".  Became a mild oath by 1710, about 50 years after it was first attested in the sence of "bad luck, the devil, etc.," perhaps because two was the lowest score, and probably by similarity to L. deus and related words meaning "god."  Low German had der daus! in the same sence 16c., which perhaps influenced the English form.
*Bluff:  from the same source.
1839, American English, poker term, perhaps from Du. bluffen "to brag, boast," or verbluffen "to baffle, mislead."  An identical word meant "blindfold, hoodwink" in 1670s but the sense evolution and connection are unclear; OED call it "one of the numerous cant terms... which arose between the Restoration and the reign of Queen Anne."  Extended or figurative sense by 1854.  

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Mean Old Thing"

This chart appears very similar to the short-hand
code Nadine used in her diary.
*On this day in her diary, Nadine puts her short-hand skills to use, inserting the symbols for things that she may not want others to read.  Given that my own short-hand translation skills are severely limited, I will use the marks \\\ to indicate where she has inserted the symbols.  It is fairly simple to take a guess at the words she has left out.
Nov. 24.  Went to breakfast.  Cleaned the rooms.  Every thing looked lovely.  We were washing.  Fred came down tore every thing out of places.  Got Clara cross.  And (__?).  Ge what a mean boy.  I washed some things and hung them by the stove to dry.  Fred came out and looked at them.  Mean old thing.  Mr. Edwards his room mate brought his microscope down.  We looked at some dog blood and one of Fred's, Clara's Mr. Edward's and my own hair.  Fred cut his finger to get some fresh blood to look at.  Enjoyed it very much.  Went to dinner.  The boys walked home with us.  Will came in.  Stayed nearly all afternoon.  I got home sick and took a cry.  Will got angry and went home.  Clara was down town with her father.  Got back about the time Will left.  When he started I told him he need not come back any more.  Clara said Why Nadine but I didn't care.  He was so mean.  Fred came in.  I fixed my black dress.  Nannie came in and I told her a big lie about Fred and Clara, for I didn't want her to know they were in the bedroom.  Ge how sorry I was for what I had said to Will.  Went to supper.  Will was not there and Kettle said he was not coming.  You don't know how I felt.  I certainly could have fallen through the floor for I wanted to see him.  But after while he came in and how glad.  But he would not speak to me and after while I ask him something but he answered me very cool.  So I let him be.  And Clara & Fred got up from the table and tried to have us there alone but I got up and went with them.  And coming up.  Hodges with his brother passed us and Fred called out to Will and he stopped when we caught up with him.  Clara and Fred ran off from me and I was compelled to be alone with him.  We did not come in our room but took a walk.  He wished to have me explain etc. etc.  Did not want to come in but finally did.  At last we made up.  Clara & Fred were in the \\\ and we made a \\\ on the floor.  Ge how sweet he was after we made up.  Fred went home about \\\ Will did not go till nearly \\\.  Ge isn't that awful?  But never the less tis true.  Dressed and went to breakfast.  Will and I took a walk out in the country out beyond (note: she spelled this beon--it took me a minute to figure out what she meant) the greenhouse.  How I did enjoy it although it was quite cool.  He put his \\\ around me and \\\ me several times but no one was around.  The frost looked so pretty on the fence and walks came back about \\\.  He did not come in.  Clara was \\\ and I got warm and she and I went to bed.  Slept till dinner time when Nannie came in and woke us.  I went but Clara didn't.  Fred came in.  Clara had her nightgown on but she had a quilt around her.  Will & Fred both walked up home with me.  Will didn't come in but Fred did.  Miss Leonard and Miss Vantriese  called on Clara.  We were both dressing.  Nannie came in.  We were in the bed room.  Will & Fred came in.  We had lots of fun all to ourselves.  We wanted to come out so bad we didn't know what to do.  We had a notion to climb out of the window.  Ge how we did wish for them to go.  After so long a time they went.  Nannie went home and once more the F.L.C.C. found themselves alone smoking qubebs.*  Will and Fred were lolling on the bed and set the comforter on fire and Ge how sick I was.  Will the darling boy got me a glass of fresh water and I came out of the study room and I felt better in a little while.  They stayed till suppertime and Will went to his room to change his hat.  Ge who swell he looked with a silk hat on.  Went to supper.  Had lots of fun.  Clara brought two pieces of cake up with her.  The boys came home with us.  We all went.  Lion called.  Ask to speak to me.  Wanted me to go to the Opera Tuesday night but I declined.  I came in.  Will was so angry he walked the floor and wouldn't let me near him but he got all right in a few minutes after I explained.  Oh how jealous he is of me.  Down town.  Got an oyster stew.  Oh how good and the fun we had.  Came home.  Will and I tried to have a cake walk.  Coming home we got to the room first.  Lighted up.  Will took off my wraps for I was so tired I couldn't.  We took the \\\.  Clara and Fred made a \\\ on the \\\ in the study room.  They didn't go home till after the \\\ bell rang.  Ge that's awful.  If my Mamma knew how I was acting she would take me home in a minute.  Will was so sweet I could have \\\ him all the time for the first time he ask me \\\ but I was determined.   How glad I am that I didn't for he afterwards told me he would not care to \\\ with me anymore if I had \\\.  I was \\\ think of it.
*qubebs:  also "Cubeb."  The spicy fruit of the cubeb vine, when dried & crushed, is used medicinally or in perfumery and sometimes smoked in cigarettes.  More on cubebs, including advertisements of the day.
1890s Men's silk top hat.
Will's hat could have resembled photo.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Boys Were Here"

Friday Nov. 23.  Went to breakfast.  In school.  Boys came home from dinner with us.  Will and I took a walk as usual after dinner.  Came home.  Boys were here.  Stayed all night.  I did not go to bed.
Henry Baker Brown 
*The president of the Northern Indiana Normal School in 1894 was Henry Baker Brown, who held that position from 1873 until 1917.  During his tenure, the name changed to Valparaiso College and then to Valparaiso University.  From the article linked above:
Believing that God ordained the virtues of thrift and sobriety, Brown cultivated an ethos of hard work and discipline on campus.  Classes began at 6:45 a.m., formal dress was required of all students, no matter how poor, and students could be instantly dismissed for gambling, visiting a saloon, or even unexcused absences.
Clearly there was a way around the dismissal for unexcused absences, as Nadine and her friends skipped more than a few.  I wonder what he would have made of her escapades, had he known!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Is Man an Angel?"

Thursday Nov. 22.  Went to breakfast.  In school.  Boys walked home with us from dinner.  Will and I went for a walk.  Fred came in.  Loffler & Simmons got called down by Fred because they would not go away from the window when Clara told them to.  Nannie & I went down town in the afternon.  I got some black lace and a pair of stockings*.  Came home.  Went to class.  Boys came home with us from supper.  All four of us went to hear Matilda Fletcher* lecture in the College chapel on is Man an angel.  Will gave us some chewing gum.  Had lots of fun.  Intended going down town for an oyster stew but it was raining so did not go.  They boys stayed till 5 oclock.  Ge that's awful but  never the less its true.  Did not go to bed at all.
A stocking advertisement from the 1890s
 *About Matilda Fletcher:  (1842-1909).  Suffragist, poet, and lecturer.  The fifth of fourteen children from abolitionist parents, who had fled what they called “the peculiar institution” of the South, Matilda was born in Winnebago County, Illinois, and raised on a farm in Durand. Like her seven brothers who served in the Civil War, Matilda imagined herself in the public sphere. After the death of her one and only child, Matilda joined the lecture circuit, a series of talks so powerful a man named a silver mine after her, another man claimed she had a forked tongue, and upon the death of her first husband, newspapers speculated who might be the lucky man to call Matilda his own. She spoke to support herself and her first husband until his death. He died of tuberculosis, a disease he contracted during his service to the Union. During her forty year career, she spoke on woman’s suffrage, temperance, and education and published several books, including An Address: Farmers’ Wives and Daughters (1873), Practical Ethics: For Schools and Families (1875), and The Trial and Imprisonment: of Geo W. Felts (1907). Given the nature of oration and the time period during which she spoke, much of her work has been lost. However, some of her poems and lectures have survived in historic newspapers, often as excerpts only. Eleven years after the death of her first husband, she remarried and became the stepmother to three children, all under the age of ten. She continued to speak on the issues that mattered to her until the day she died. (from Laura Madeline Wiseman, descendant of Matilda Fletcher)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Boys Came in a While"

Wednesday, Nov. 21.  Up at 5:50.  Went to breakfast and classes.  Clara recited in Elocution.  I recited Tuesday.  Boys came home from dinner with us.  Will missed his one oclock class and stayed with me.  Went to type writing at 4.  Took Clara's Diary instead of my book of type writing paper.  Boys came in a while in the evening.
*Not directly related to this entry, but a wonderful video by the Oklahoma Historic Society including rare footage from the 1890s:

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Ge Such Fun"

Tuesday, Nov. 20, 94.  In school.  Fred & Will were here earlier. Moss & Lion were here in the afternoon. Stayed till 4 oclock.  Fred & Clara were in the bed room. Fred crept under the bed so the boys would not see him. Ge such fun.
*More on college dormitory living in the 1890s:  Yale has a very nice series called "There's No Place Like Home:  Student Rooms at Yale, 1870-1910.
Eleven years later (1915) at Valparaiso University:
Earl Brewster & Roommate (whoever they are).
Photo is from Porter County site.
Not our place, but to give an idea of the style of the times:
New York University's Bronx Campus:  Interior dormitory 1890s.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "The Dear Little Boy"

Mound and Columbia Halls
Monday, Nov. 19, 94.  Got up too late for breakfast and missed my short hand.  Will came over about 9 oclock.  Time to go to type writing and I missed that for him.  He stayed till 10 then went to Elocution Class.  Nannie was in about a dozen times as usual.  I went to Elocution at 11 and I was so hungry I thought dinner time would never come.  What a big dinner I did eat.  The boys walked home with us.  Will and I walked back past the Hall around the square and back home.  Saw where Misses Delay and Toffler roomed.  Saw the fellow that tried to flirt with me in Chapel one morning.  He and Mr. Moss were standing in front of Columbia Hall when we came in from our prominade.  Didn't do a thing but flirth with him.  If I was with Will he didn't know it.  Will came in.  Did not intend staying only tell me one oclock but stayed all afternoon and misses his Logic at 3 and Latin at one and I missed type writing at 4 and Shorthand at 5.  I am ashamed of myself.  I fell as if I never wanted to see him again.  Clara and Nannie went away some where and were gone till 5 oclock.  When Clara came home and found Will still here she nearly died laughing.  We were lying on the bed.  We got up and Will and I went down to the Post office to get a money order cashed that Mamma had mailed me.  I got a pair of lacers for my shoes.*  Will went in the store with me.  Coming home my shoe came untied and Will the dear little boy tied it for me.  Some boy passed and he looked to see what he was doing.  "Ge," how ridiculous.  I did not act all afternoon think of us missing classes to stay home and spoon.  Fred was here from 5 till 6 as usual.  They were spooning away when we came back from the Post office.  He went to his room.  Will stayed and walked down to supper with us.  Had lots of fun at the table.  How we did get roasted by John Hodges.  He came in and told Will he wanted to see him before he moved over to Mound Hall and for him to call at the room a few minutes.  We poor girls nearly died at the boys guying us so and we got up and left the table.  Clara forgot her key and had to go back.  Fred walked home with us and I don't know where Will went for I haven't seen him since. "Ge" what a gay old time we have had this week.  Got two letters in the morning.  One from Aunt Cal in Chicago and the other from Mamma.  She sent me a post office order for $9.00*.  I was glad to get it for I was bout to the end of my string.  Fred was in a few minutes and teased Clara.  Nannie was here as usual.  Clara made some ginger tea and bethed her feet and went to bed.  I wrote in my diary and studied a little and followed her example.
*for more on shoes of the 1890s at The History of Footwear...
*Via the Inflation Calculator, Nadine's $9.00 post office order would be worth $236.84 today.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Oh What a Time School Girls Do Have"

Sunday Nov. 18.  Got up a few minutes before breakfast.  Had pancakes.  I ate 3 but they weren't very good. The boys walked up home with us.  Will and I took a walk on up the street about 7 blocks.  Came back.  He stayed a little while and went home.  I am ashamed to tell it but I ironed several pieces.  Went to dinner.  Had lots of fun.  The boys didn't walk home with us.  Came to our room.  Clara went to Bible class.  I went to sleep.  Slept for about 2 hours.  Got up.  Clara was talking to Mr. Burney at the window.  Will came in.  Had lots of fun.  Clara went in the bed room and went to sleep.  Told us to call her in time to dress for supper.  We spooned all afternoon.  Some fellow drove past and kept looking at our window.  Will thought I had been flirting with him was what caused him to do it.  Clara got up a few minutes before supper time.  Came out and teased Will and I for a while.  We all got ready and went to supper.  The boys came home with us.  Stayed till nearly church time.  Nannie was in about a dozen times as usual.  Lucy came in to tell me what she heard some boys say that were passing along on the street by her window.  The remark was about the prettiest girl in Mound Hall.  She said it applied to me but it did not.  It was intended for my room mate.  Lucy dressed my hair.  The boys went to their rooms to prepare for church.  Came back about 7 oclock and tried to get out of going to church.  Said it was too late.  That the service begin at 7 so we were made and decided we would not go for it was too late.  We went in to Lucy's room to see what time it was.  Mr. Thomas her fellow told us it was 2 min. after 7 and church did not begin till 7:30 and that they were going so we came in and made the boys go with us to the Methodist church.  We intended going to the Memorial Hall to hear White but changed for some reason.  We all four sat in the same pew in the back of the church.  The boys took the hymnal books and picked out some letters such as I love thee, etc.  We had a cake walk* coming home.  Clara & Fred took the study room.  Will and I had the other room.  Clara came in and got a comforter and made a bed on the floor for them.  She took off her corset and loosened her clothes.  The room was dark.  Will was as sweet as he could be but I get so provoked at myself because I haven't a stronger mind of my own.  "Ge" how we did spoon.  They didn't go home till nearly 2 oclock.  Such a scrambling as they did do to get out.  Fred went stumbling around the room and at last he thought he couldn't find the way out with out a light so he told Clara to go in the bed room and he would scratch a match.  How we  have laughed over that nights experience.  After they had gone we lighted the lamp and got ready to retire.  We went in the bed room and there was a pair of under (?drord? maybe she means drawers?) and Clara declared up and down they must belong to Hodges but finally she discovered they were hers and she must have pulled them out of her trunk when she got the comforter out.  How we did laugh that night.  After we went to bed we talked about the events of the evening.  Oh what a time school girls do have.  Fred took his coat and we found his scarf (___?) on the floor.  He came down the next morning and got it.  Fred said Hodges had both his cuffs and shoes off.  But it so happened he had traded cuff fasteners with his brother and they did not come off as usual.  After we went to bed Clara imagined that Will was under the table for she didn't notice him leaving.

Cakewalk lesson (links to wiki article), 1890s

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Ginger Tea"

Saturday Nov. 17.  In school.  Went to chapel.  Clara cleaned the rooms.  Done up all the work before breakfast.  Strange we got up in time to breakfast once a term.  Clara washed the handkerchiefs.  Went to dinner.  Washed some in the afternoon.  Clara was sick.  She made some ginger tea* and doced herself up.  She took a bath.  Went to bed.  Did not go to supper.  I brought her some bananas from the dining room.  Will came home with me.  Fred came down.  Brought her a programme of her classes.  He stayed in the room with her.  Will and I kept the study room.  He bought me a box of Bon bons.  Isn't he a darling little boy?  We didn't agree for awhile.  I told him of my experience with Jim McKennan, and he told he he would begin that very night to learn to forget me.  He would let me put my arms around him or anything.  I coaxed him for a long time before he would take me back.  Oh my what a feeling to be in love.  I cryed when we were talking but oh, how sweet he was after we made up.  I took a good cry and he could not help it any longer.  He pad to pet me up.  Fred and Clara heard me.  What all I did experience that night.  The boys went home about one oclock.  Will did not go for a little while after Fred.  
*Recipe for Ginger Tea.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Everything Else Imaginable"

Friday Nov. 16, 94.  Did not get up in time for breakfast or Shorthand class.  Went to chapel.  Had lots of fun.  In school.  Hodges walked from Elocution class to dinner with us.  Clara teased us nearly to death about being up so late and every thing else imaginable. Fred was not through by the time we were so Clara, Hodges & I came on up.  Hodges came in and stayed till one oclock.  Nannie Whitlaw knocked at the door.  We pretended we did not hear her so she came the second time but no person responded.  Fred came in the room from dinner.  I was sitting on Will's lap and Mr. Loffler went past and saw us.  For he put his book up in front of his eyes and in a few minutes John Hodges came past.  I know those boys went down and told him.  Fred told Clara that we were worse than they were.  He kissed Clara by by and went on to his room.  Will called at the room in the morning but there was no one there.  He told me after dinner that I should not belong to the same section in debate that Loffler & Simmons did.  He spooned a while, and Nannie came in so he left.  I wrote in my diary and studied a little while.  When we got up there was a pancake laying on the floor.  The boys had brought it up from the breakfast table.  Clara said she saw some one run past the window and she was not dressed or she would have opened the window and looked to see whom it was.  They did not deny doing it.  Wrote a letter to Aunt Belle while Clara was sleeping.  Hodges was here.  Recited a very sad piece for us.  Clara went in to Whitlaws room.  Fred called for her.  They had lots of fun.  Lucy was ready for bed when Fred too the lamp to the bed room door.  Hodges stayed till 11 oclock.  The boys came in after dinner.  Some boys went by and saw me sitting on Hodges' lap.  Told his brother.  He walked up past the room but we had changed our positions.  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "All Such Nonsense"

Thursday Nov. 15, 94.  Didn't get up in time to go to Shorthand in school.  Hodges talked to some girls in Elocution class and it made me mad.  Went to dinner.  Fred and Will walked up home with us.  Did not come in.  Clara & I went up to Fred's room.  I peeped in the mail slide he saw me and took after us, ran down to our rooms, came in and stayed a while.  I went back out in the hall to get my lead pencil that had dropped out of my hair.  Mr. Lambert came out and told me to keep move quick.  Fred went up and got his law book and read about womans rights after marriage*.  Nannie Whitlaw got her guitar and Fred played and sang several pieces for us.  Nannie and Clara went down town.  I tried to study but went to sleep.  Went to type writing at 3 clock.  From there to my room.  Miss Sinclair called for a few minutes.  Nannie and I went to Shorthand at 5.  Came back to my room before going to supper.  Had lots of fun at the supper table.  Fred and Will walked up home with us.  Came in.  We stole some bread off the table and brought it to our room with us.  We had some butter that Clara had brought from home.  Clara and Fred toasted several pieces on the stove.  Clara was sitting on Fred's lap and Nannie Whitlaw came in the room.  Hodges and I were in the other room washing our hands.  Nannie came in our rooms about 25 times that night.  Moss & Lion called on her a few minutes and she was so ticked she had to come in and tell us the whole story.  Fred did not stay late.  But Hodges didn't go home till nearly 3 oclock.  His cuffs came off about 4 times as usual.  He ask me if I thought he would betray the trust I put in him.  I suspected he was a perfect gentleman. After that night, I cared more for him but did not want to acknowledge it.  Let Clara have the study room till she wanted to retire.  We took it.  I was so blue all evening I didn't know what to do with myself.  I told Hodges I was going home the next day and he made me promise I would not go before he would go to his room.  He said if I did he would not see me again after that night, for he would go to his room and his girl days would be all over.  He said if he lost me he never wanted another.  Talked all such nonsense all evening.  Some person threw snow at the study room windows and Clara yelled for Hodges.  He climbed out the window and walked down the street to see whom it was, but did not find out for sure.  Nannie was here.  Hodges pretended he was going to pray for her not to come back again, but it was not assured for she was in no less than a half dozen times after that.  Hodges bluffed her about looking so pretty in red.  She was foolish enough to believe it.
*More on women's rights after marriage in 1894.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Flirting with Some Boys"

Wednesday, Nov. 14, 94.  Got up in time to go to breakfast.  Hodges and Warne were not there.  In school, in Elocution class*, some girls tried awfully hard to get Hodges to talk to them.  He sat with us girls.  Miss Delay smiled and winked at him.  I didn't pay much attention to him but Clara tried to get me to treat him better.  Went from there to dinner.  Hodges, Warne, Clara and I went to noon day prayer meeting.  Had lots of fun.  They walked home with us.  Hodges went to class.  Warne came on over to the Hall.  We saw Lion and Moss coming and Hodges told Warne to watch me that Moss didn't get to talk to me.  Clara & I came in and broke right for Nannie's Room and there stood Warne at the top of the stairs and down he rushed and brought her back to her room and when I came in he said he was going to tell Hodges.  I told him I wouldn't do it again.  He brought an iron down from his room.  Said some person had left it there and we could have it.  He was pretending he would hit me with it if I didn't stay away from Moss.  Clara went to class.  Mr. Lion & Moss started home, but Mr. Moss stopped in the hall to talk to me.  Mr. Lion went home.  Came back to get Nannie to show him where the Shorthand lesson was.  Mr. Moss came in the room.  Stayed a little while till Nannie came in to ask me where the lesson was and then she came in again and wanted me to go to the office with her.  So Mr. Moss went with us.  He locked my door, and when he gave me my key he didn't do a think but smile real sweetly and squeeze my hand.  He didn't pay one bit of attention to Nannie.  Think she was a little jealous of me.  Came from the office to Mr. Stinsons' office.  Paid him for 5 weeks board from there to our rooms.  Helped Nannie sew on her blue dress.  Got ready for 2 oclock Short hand class.  Had lots of fun in the class but felt most mighty blue all evening.  From there to supper.  We told Hodges & Warne we had been flirting with some boys and etc.  They got so huffy they turned on us and was as mean as could be all eve.  They walked up home with us.  Came in for a few minutes.  Nannie Whitlaw came in and the boys were provoked.  Hodges started home and didn't say he was going or any think.  Fred left in a few minutes.  Clara went to one of the girls rooms.  Nannie stayed a little while and went home.  Clara & I went to chapel room to be organized in a debating section.  Had lots of fun.  Flirted some.  Messer Limons & Loffler ask us to join their section so we did.  Loffler wanted to come home with me but did not let him.  Went from there to Perrine's store.  Got  an elocution book.  From there to Union Hall with Clara & Nannie.  I stopped to talk to Mr. Kelley for my East Hall room while the girls went on to the Hall.  Came up home and studied.  Mr. Garland called for a few minutes in the morning.  Got a letter from Mamma.  She sent me $1.00 bill and some stamps.
*An Elocution textbook from 1895:  Simplified Elocution:  A Comprehensive System of Vocal and Physical Gymnastics by Edwin Gordon Lawrence.  Nadine never specifies which textbook they used, but this will give an idea of what Elocution class entailed.  Here is another volume from 1890:  Aids to Correct and Effective Elocution by Eleanor O'Grady.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Talking over Old Love Affairs"

Tuesday, Nov. 13, 94.  School begin, did not get up till nearly 8 oclock.  Missed my breakfast.  Mr. Thomas & Lucirs (?) brother came up.  We all went to chapel.  Sat in the second row in the gallery.  Mr. Hodges came in and sat down just back of us.  Clara went on telling him about what a funny noise she heard the night before.  She told him it was the pressure of four life coming in contact.  Some fellow down stairs flirted with me and I smiled on him.  Hodges saw him and ask me if I saw him trying to flirt with me.  I denied flirting* with him.  Lucy, Nannie, and I stayed till the Grammar classes were arranged.  Mr. Hodges and Clara came on home.  He brought the picture of his home over for me to keep a while for him.  He came over after I came home and stayed and went down to dinner with us.  Had lots of fun at the table.  Clara and I stole three pieces of bread and brought up to our room with us. Mr. Hodges came home with us and stayed till 2 oclock when he had to go to class.  Clara went to class at one oclock and locked up in the room.  Some person knocked at the door but we never payed any attention to it so they went away.  Don't know who it was.  I sat on his lap all the while he was here.  Some person knocked and it was Mr. Waren.  He came in.  Ask for Clara.  Stayed a few minutes and went to class.  Mr. Hodges took his leave.  Clara was in the bed room.  She came out.  Fred kissed her two or three times and I through I would not act the old maid and took a sneak.  Went in to Thomas & Whitlaws room and Nannie put me to work finishing the ruffle of her blue dress.  Mr. Thomas came up.  He got my diary and was determined to read it.  I took after him.  Ran out in the hall.  Mr. Lambert, the janitor, came out and told us no running in the hall.  It was study hour.  I came in my room and got so sick of Clara & Fred spooning.  I tried to write in my diary but they made me so nervous I could not do it.  He left at 5 oclock and we got ready for supper after talking over old love affairs.  Nannie came in.  Said they were invited out to oyster stew.  But we were not in it.  She gave us some candy.  There came a knock at the door and Clara was sitting in the room undressed and she screamed to the top of her voice and ran in the bed room.  Went to supper.  Had lots of fun.  Hodges and Warne came home with us.  The Club intended going out sleighing but did not because Clara and Fred did not care to go.  Nanny, Lucy, & Mr. Thomas were here a little white.  Had lots of fun.  Mr. Lambert the landlord of Mound Hall knocked at the door and said we would have to keep move quick.  Warne and Clara kept the sitting room and Hodges & I took the other one.  Ge, how we did spoon.  They went home about 10 oclock.  Some person threw snow in the room and frightened Clara nearly to death for she was sitting in Fred's lap.  Hodges'  cuffs came off as usual.  Fred brought Clara a box of candy from Chicago.  It was a beautiful night and Clara & I got ready to retire and put up the window shade before we were quite ready to retire and some one went past and if you could have seen us from every direction.  Clara was trying to turn down the light. We sat by the windows for a little while dreaming of loved ones and home.  How perfect every thing looked.  The snow was about 1 1/2 feet deep.  Hodges wanted to get a single cutter and go sleighing if the Club didn't but I didn't want to go.  I didn't feel very well.

*Flirting:  interesting article about flirting in the 1890s--Fannie's Flirtations:  Ettiquette, Reality and the Age of Choice.  The abstract reads:
The 1890s were, for bright young females, an age of choice. Despite admonitions that flirting would ruin their reputations, many south central Kentucky adolescents enjoyed courtship rituals and remained highly respected in their communities. For every Charlotte Perkins Gilman with a mission set on advancing the status of women within our society, numerous females existed simply to enjoy life’s fullness and frivolity. Fannie Morton Bryan’s life story, as told through her diaries and newspaper accounts, gives readers a glimpse of the many rather than the few, the fun-loving rather than the serious-minded, and the old maid flirt in the largest American generation of unwed females between 1835 and 1980.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "The Dear Old Girl"

Monday, Nov. 12, 94.  Got up.  Did not know what time it was but supposed breakfast was over.  The fire was out.  I tried for an hour to start it again but proved to go out every time.  We got ready.  Thought we would go to the Star and see if we could get some breakfast.  Wading over there through the snow.  To our surprise we did get some thing to eat.  How glad for I was starving hungry.  We went from there to Nannie's former room to get the kindling wood she left.  We went out to where it was and there had been no path shoveled.  The snow was about 2 ft. deep.  So Nannie plunged in to it but could not get to the wood.  There I stood laughing at her while some young man across the way called and ask if we wanted some help.  Finely some young man that was rooming at the place came out and got it for us.  On our way home Nannie fell down.  The kindling flew all over the lot.  I sat down on a step and nearly died laughing.  She got up and down she fell again.  There I stood and nearly died laughing.  Some young man across the way called and said if it hadn't been so far he would have come over and picked you up.  We came up to my room and tried for a whole half day to build a fire.  At last succeeded and it has been buring ever since.  After breaking Class lamp and spilling the oil all over the room, it was Nannie's fault for she took the lid off the stove and the lamp was sitting on the floor.  Down it fell and smashed.  The lamp all to pieces.  After it was all over and the room got warm we sat down and begin sewing on Nannie's blue dress.  Sewed till dinner time when Clara the dear old girl came home.  Mr. Pierce came with her in the minutes after they were here the room was turned all up side down.  We sat here.  Clara and Mr. Pierce went to there dinner and Nannie and I sat here till dinner was nearly over.  Went down to teh dining room.  The rest of the people laughed at us and waited for us.  Hodges and Kettle walked up with us.  I told Mr. Hodges Clara was home so he came in and stayed nearly all after noon.  He and Clara went down to her former room to get the rest of her things.  They came back and Clara & Nannie went down town, while I stayed home and sewed on Nannie's dress.  After they went home, we read up the room and was getting ready for supper when we heard a knock at the door and in came Mr. Hodges and his brother.  They stayed till nearly supper time.  Clara made the drapery for the book case while they were here.  In the evening I was out in the hall for water and spilt it all over my self.  I saw Mr. Garland.  Came in.  Went to supper.  Mr Hodges came home with me and stayed till early three oclock this morning.  Clara started to bed real early and she happened to hink of the lunch she had broght from home so she dressed and brought it out, set it on the table, and how we did enjoy it.  Clara went out for a minute and in came Nannie.  She stayed a few minutes and went back to her room. Clara went to bed again.  We were sitting in the room by our selves and in came Lucy Thomas and Nannie Whitlaw.  They only stayed a few minutes.  After they went we fixed the fire and as usual began spooning.  I cared for him to some extent that night.  I went to sleep in his arms. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "A Box of Bon Bons and Gum"

In which Nadine wakes up late, hustles through the snow, snow balled, Mr. Lion calls again, Mr. Hodges gets angry, goes to Bible class, has fun at supper,  has an entertaining evening with Mr. Lion and Mr. Mitchel, and is very sleepy:
Sunday Nov. 11, 94.  Got up.  Didn't know what time it was for we had no clock but by the looks out side we supposed it was late so we was in no hurry about dressing for we supposed breakfast was over a long time ago.  So we sat down in our night gowns and the first thing we knew the East Hall breakfast bell was ringing.  Well maby we didn't do some husling.  The snow was about 1 1/2 feet deep and there was only a narrow path broken and we went stumbling along, though the snow had a real good breakfast.  Hodges and Kettle walked up with us but did not come in.  We snow balled and washed each others' faces on our way.  Nannie and I came in, sat down and got warm then she went down to Mr. Thomas' room for a package he had carried from the train the night before and taken to his room.  It was a table cover.  She wanted me to go with her but I told her I would stay home and clean up the rooms.  She had not been gone but a few minutes till Mr. Lion called and ask me to invite a lady friend in for the evening for her friend Mr. Mitchel wanted my company all to him self and if there was no other girl but me, he would talk to me to much and not give Mitchel a chance.  I told him Nannie was home so he said that would be just the thing.  He only stayed a few minutes.  Nannie and I fixed up the rooms, sat down and talked.  She took a bath while I wrote in my diary.  I took a bath and dressed for dinner.  Mr. Hodges got up from the dinner table and did not wait for us as usual.  Guess he was mad, but I don't care.  Nannie and I came up to my room, sat down and talked till we went to sleep.  Heard a knock.  It was some girl wanted us to go to Bible class in Messers. Donalson and Coalson's rooms.  Came back to my room.  Laid down and slept till supper time.  Went to supper.  Had lots of fun.  Hodges and Kettle walked up with Nannie and my self.  Did not come in.  We dressed for the evening.  Messers Mitchel of Chicago and Lion they brought us a box of Bonbons and gum.  How we did enjoy it.  We plaid consequences, told fortunes and plaid tricks with cards.  Mr. Mitchel and I fixed the window shades so no one could see us and the first thing we heard was some person throwing snow against the window.   Mr. Mitchel said he would send me a box of fine candies and Mr. Lion promised me a sleigh ride but I will not accept it if it is the only chance I have this winter for Hodges does not want me to go with him and I promised him I wouldn't.  They staid till late.  Started.  Forgot their rubbers and came back for them and stayed an other half hour.  I was so glad when they were gone for I was sleepy and tired having been up late every night that week.

Beeman's chewing gum was introduced in 1879.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "The Very Girl I Want to See"

In which Nadine sleeps in her new room, sets a date with Mr. Lion and Mr. Mitchel, spoons with Mr. Hodges, keeps the date with Mr. Lion, plays a guessing game,  has fun at dinner, gets a lecture from Mr. Hodges, makes up with Mr. Hodges, and has an insight:
Nov. 10, 94.  Slept alone last night the first time since I left home.  Got up about seven oclock to late to go to breakfast.  There were two knocks at the door.  I was not dressed so first kept still and they went away.  I was felling so blue.  I didn't want to be seen by any person.  Had  piece of cookie for my breakfast, one I had brought up from the supper table the night before.  Mr. Stinson called in the morning to have me settle for my board.  Told him I could not before Monday.  He stayed about half an hour.  Felt blue all morning but his call enlightened my feelng very much.  Went to dinner, the first day of the second term.  Met Mr. Lion on my way to the dining room.  He said you are first the very girl I want to see.  He told me he was going to have a friend Mr. Mitchel from Chicago and he wanted me to break any engagement I had to meet him.  He said he had so much to tell me.  I ask him when he would tell me.  He ask me if I would be home that after noon at 3 oclock.  Told him I would.  He said he would call.  He walked to East Hall door with me.  Showed the telegram that he had received from his friend.  Just as he went to turn to leave East Hall, Mr. Kettle and Mr. Hodges came in the walk.  Kettle said to Hodges lets mob him.  Mr. Kettle ask me to come to there table, so I did.  Gee, how blue I felt about that time.  I sat at the side next to me.  Mr. Stinson didn't want me to sit at that table.  Thought it would be to cold but that wasn't it.  He didn't want me by Mr. Hodges.  After dinner Mr. Clark came and sat down at the table and begin roasting Mr. Hodges about the laundry bill he had owed him for six months and the coat he had borrowed and about a dozen other things.  Then Mr. Hodges begin roasting him.  Mr. Hodges walked up to my room with me.  Came in and staid till three oclock.  When Mr. Lion and his friend Mr. Mitchel called I introduced them and Mr. Hodges excused him self.  Said he would go and see Fred.  I had been sitting on Hodges lap when the boys knocked and my hair looked simply awful*. It was all coming down and tossed out of place.  I know they tought I had been doing something of the kind by my looks.  Hodges and I didn't agree the first part of the after noon bt we got all right in a few minutes and he came over and sat on my lap.  I pushed hime away, but pretty soon he said he was tempted to come back again and he ask if he might.  I told him he looked very well where he was but he said he would rather be close to me so he came back.  But he soon changed the position and I sat on his lap.  We spooned.  Oh heavens what soft people.  I enjoyed the company of Messers Lion and Mitchel very much.  They stayed till a few minutes before supper time.  When they got up to leave they said that had spent a pleasant after noon and Mr. Mitchel said he heard his friend Mr. Lion speak of Miss Reynolds being the prettiest girl on the hill and I went on talking and how surprised.  I ask Mr. Mitchel if he didn't admire his taste.  He said he did indeed.  They fed me taffy for a few minutes then took their departure.  They said they bet they could guess my age so Mr. Lion said well if I guess it you chew gum and Mr. Mitchel said if I win you eat full creams, so Mr. Lion guessed sweet 16 and Mr. Mitchel 17, so the latter won.  They then made a date with me as to when they would bring the candy.  I arranged for them to call Sunday evening.  Mr. Lion said I should have a sleigh ride this winter for he wanted to take me him self.  After they left I arranged my toilet and went to supper.  Went early and went up to Miss Sinclair's room.  Came down.  Saw Miss Jones, Mr. Kettle, Mr. Hodges and met Miss Sprigne.  We all went to the same table.  Had lots of fun.  After supper when I came out in the Hall some one told me Miss Shafer had come and I said to Mr. Hodges that Clara was home and he said Nannie was to so I supposed it must be Nannie.  I was so glad she had come home.  She reported as having a glorious good time, while Hodges was sitting over in the corner with his feet upon the coal box reading a book.  A foul play.  Nannie then went to a Resteraunt for her supper.  Hodges stopped reading then and begin talking to me.  Nannie came back in a few minuets and we talked and stayed all night with me.  The lamp burned out and she and I went to the office and got the key to her room and got her oil can.  Came in and filled the lamp after 20 oclock.  Hodges was acheing for her to go for he was prepared to give me a lecturing, and after she went maby I didn't get one.  He lectured me for about a half an hour about Messers Lion and Mitchel.  He didn't care so much about them being here in the after noon but I told Nannie before him that they were coming back Sunday night, and that I flirted with Carline at the Opera the other night.  It hurt me awfully to have him talk so cross to me but he petted me up after a while and loved me and fonded me till you would have though he never would say another cross word to me in his life.  I did love him that night even if he did lecture me and he told me he never would again.  I promised him I would be true to him and not go with any other boys if he didn't want me to.  He stayed till after 2 oclock and before he went I promised him that some day I would marry him.  I meant it to when I promised him.  By his talk I think he has talked on the same subject before for he isn't the least bit green.  He's all right.  Ge*, how we did spoon all night long.  Nannie did  not hear me go to bed.

*"Ge", Nadine's spelling of "Gee".  The word crept into American use in the 1890s as a euphimism for Jesus.  As it is today, it is used to express surprise, dissapointment, enthusiasm, or simple empasis.  "Gee Whiz," a term Nadine does not employ, was already in use in the 1880s.  From The Historical Dictionary of American Slang.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Blue All Day"

Friday, Nov. 9, 94.  Nannie and I went to the star for breakfast about half past 5 oclock.  Nannie was through eating before I was so she did not wait for me but came up to Miss Gardner's room and borrowed a lamp to see to finish dressing.  Mr. Gardner came over to the room.  Mr. Bennet talked to me at the dining room after Nannie left and ask me to accompany him to a trial at the law building that evening, but declined because I did not care to go with him.  Nannie went to Chicago on the 6:20 train that morning.  I intended going down to the station with her but it was snowing and I would have no umbrella to come home under so did not go but went back in the room.  Pulled the sofa up in front of the stove, got a comforter and a pillow and laid down on it and went to sleep till about 7 oclock when Mrs. Wire came in and woke me.  She wanted the soap* that Nannie had borrowed the night before.  I got it for her and she stood there and talked and ask questions for about an hour and I was dying to go to sleep again so after she went out I laid down and slept till nearly 11 oclock when Mrs. Wise came in the room again so I got up and got some of Nannie's things that she wanted me to look after and came up to my room in East Hall to look upon the face of all the people that I disliked so much.  Mr. Kelley was standing up in front of the College building and told me that Mr. Kinsey wanted to see me well that worried me nearly to death.  I came on down to my room and met once more with my horrid old room mate and she ask me if I saw Mr. Kelley.  I told her I had.  I went back up to the office.  Mr. Kinsey was not in.  Mr. Garland was there so I talked to him.  He was so blue I didn't know what to do with my self.  I told him I was going home.  He didn't want to hear to it but about half believed I was in earnest.  I did fell earnest about it but at the same time knew I was not going.  I got tired of waiting and went out in the Hall. Mr. Kelley came out.  I ask him what was the matter now and he told me he thought it was something about my room _e_t (?).  You can't imagine how relieved I felt then.  Mr. Kinsey came and I ask him if he wanted to see me and he told me it was about my room.  I felt so good over it for I though I had been reported again.  I came down to my room.  Wrote in my diary and talked to my old maid room mate.  She had the rooms all cleaned up for the first time while I roomed with her, for she always left it for me to do.  I looked like the dickens all day after loosing a nights sleep.  I told Nannie if she ever told any one on me I would kill her.  She was so anxious to have me go to Chicago with her but could not go.  Messers. Lion and Moss intended going over on the same train she did and they wanted me to go.  Said they would take us around and show us the City.  I would like so much to have gone with them.  I got a letter from Mamma in the preceding morning.  I was so glad to get it.  She wrote me such a nice one.  Went to dinner.  Was starving hungry.  Had a good dinner for once.  After dinner went up to Mound Hall to see when I could get my room.  The janitor told me I could have it right away.  So he said he could have my trunk moved right away.  The wind nearly blew me away.  When I was coming from the Hall my hair looked like I had been in a cyclone.  Every person made a change in the hall.  You  could hear nothing but the moving of trunks.  I was tickled nearly to death when I found that I could have my room on Friday instead of waiting till Saturday for I was so anxious to get away home East Hall.  My room mate insisted that I should come and see her after I got moved.  I thanked her for the invitation and invited her to come and see me.  She said she would before I was moved two days.  I was not very anxious for her to come and see me for I like her better out of my sight.  Ella Traxler went home on the 9 oclock train and I did not get to say good bye for I did not get up from Nannie's room in time.  Met Mr. Cooley between Star and East Hall.  He ask me if I wanted to snow ball.  I told him No.  Mr. Stinson spoke to me and said a fine day, Miss Naddie.  I told him yes.  How I do detest him.  I saw Mr. Frink in the morning and I ask him if my piece of music Sweet Marie was over at Mrs. Fritz's.  Yes, he said it was and that he would bring it over.  I told him all right.  I wished he would for I was going to move and maby go home.  I was feeling so blue about that time that I could have said anything.  I told him I was mad, but not at him.  My room mate was awfully nice before I left her.  Of coarse the reason of it was because I was going to leave her and not because she like me any better than she had.  After dinner two men came down and carried my trunk up to Mound Hall for me.  Then Miss Sinclair and I came up.  She stayed a few minutes.  Said she would go down and if there was any mail would come back again.  Mr. Lambert offered to build a fire for me, but I told him I could build it.  Miss Sinclair came back with a letter for me from John Spriggs.  She did not stay but a minute.  I fixed up the rooms, wrote three letters, one to Mamma, one to Lucy Linn and one to John Spriggs.  Went to supper.  Mr. Stinson came to the table.  Told me to see him after supper and we would settle our account.  I went in his office.  He was not in.  I told Mr. Frink I would call again.  Mr. Kelley told me that Prof. Kinsey ask him to my roommate for my some thing.  I came up to my room.  The wind nearly blew me away.  I wrote some.  No person called.  I brought three cookies from supper with me.  I ate them.  Wrote in my diary.  Went out to the hydren.  Got a drink.  Went to bed about 7 oclock.  Blue all day.
Borax soap advertisement from the 1890s

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "A Gay Deceiver and a Flirt"

Nov. 8, 94.  In school.  Nannie and Mr. Moss came to my room about nine oclock.  Mr. Moss said he just wanted to say helow.  I ironed a few pieces.  Went down to Nannie's room.  Had a lunch of cake and strawberry pie.  How good it was for I was starving hungry.  Went to the star boarding house with Nannie for dinner.  Went to Grammar class. From there to type writing.  Came down to my room.  Ella Traxler and Mr. Hodges came in to show me the proof of our pictures.  Ella staid a few minutes.  Mr. Hodges staid till nearly supper time. He tried to get me to say that I did not want to change fellows to the club but would not do it.  Miss Thomas, Clara Shafer and Nannie Whitelaw were here a few minutes.  Nannie staid till supper time.  She left her coat for me to wear and she took my cape.  The Pennsylvanians* called a meeting at 7:15 in Room B.  I went down to Nannie after supper.  She sewed a button on her coat.  Then I went up to the 7:15 meeting.  I met several people from the Keystone State*.  Could not stay till it was over for I had another engagement at 8 oclock.  Did not come back to my room but went down to Nannie's.  Mr. Coutz walked down with me.  Mr. Hodges was there waiting for me.  I told he and Nannie about the sweet fellow that walked down with me.  Mr. Hodges took me to the Opera down town.  The play was Lost in New York*.  On our way there Mr. Hodges talked about the fellow that walked down from the meeting with me.  I enjoyed the Opera very much.  Several fellows tried to flirt with me but I would not do it.  Hodges ask me if he might flirt.  I told him I did not care.  But he would not.  It was the first time I was ever in the Opera house.  Lucy Thomas went to Chicago on the tramp train.  Mr. Thomas went down to the station with her.  I staid all night with Nannie.  Mr. Hodges came in.  He did not go home till five oclock in the morning.  He fonded me and told me he liked me and ask me if I would be willing to learn to like him some time.  I tried to avoid having him some talk to me about such a thing, but at last he persuaded me to say yes.  He called me all sorts of sweet names, talked to me about a little of every thing for a while.  Beware.  He is a gay deceiver and a flirt.  I called him pet names and I sat on his lap nearly all night.  Then we were on the sofa.  I went to sleep in his arms.  It was then that he got down on his knees and talked to me abut all sorts of none sense.  We heard Nannie moving around in the bed room.  Heard her sigh once or twice.  As soon as Mr. Hodges went I woke Nannie.  She got up and begin dressing in the dark for the lamp burned out in the night and left Mr. Hodges and I in the dark but didn't matter.  We could spoon as well in the dark as we could in the light, for you could not see each other blushing.  Oh heavens.  Such a girl as I am, and what a night I put in.
*A contemporary account of "Lost in New York":
It presents a series of sensations that would thrill the most callous player.  There is a blackmailers' den, a wharf with a real boat, a wild escape from a lunatic asylum, a timely escape down a telegraph pole. 
*The Pennsylvanians:  There was a choral group by this name but it is not clear if that is what this meeting was about.

*The Keystone State, if you have forgotten, is Pennsylvania.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Not Very Much"

Wednesday Nov. 7, 1894.  In school.  Snowed in the morning.  I fell down when coming from Short hand class in the morning.  Was with Nannie.  Mr. Lion walked up home with us.  He carried my books.  Some boys sno balled us while going to penmanship class*.  Got a note from Mr. Hodges.  The T. W. P. arranged just before dinner to go and have our picture taken.  We met at Misses Thomas and Whitlaws room just after dinner and went to the Photographer gallery.  Came home.  Left the other people.  Hodges came up.  We went up to Miss Traxlers' room, then came down to my room.  Miss Sinclair was not in.  Mr. Hodges fonded me and expressed his love to me all the while, till Miss Sinclair came home.  Went down to supper.  Was so mad I wouldn't talk to any one.  Was so mad at my room mate I would not stay in the room with her but staid up in Miss Trasler's room till supper time.  After supper my room mate was real good to me. I read up the room, started the fire with oil and had an explosion.  Second floor girls gave a reception but would not take part.  Was the only contrary one on the floor.  Mr. Hodges and I were up in Miss Traxler's room till nearly eleven oclock.  He teased me all the time we were up there.  Came down to my room.  He staid a little while.  Fonded me all the time.  Ask me how much I loved him.  Told him not very much.  Ask me if I could always love him.  He said he could always love me.  Talked none sense and spooned, till Miss Sinclair and a young man Mr. Simmons came in on us.  They intended sitting down but he suggested that they go to an other room and not interrupt us, was very glad they did, for Mr. Hodges staid longer.  We spooned a little while longer.  Then he went home.  I opened the bed room door and watched the Reception people promenading through the Hall.  My room mate came in.  Told me about it.  I wrote in my diary.  Got ready and went to bed.  Did not get any mail.  Was a little home sick.
Sample page from Spencerian Key to Practical
, popular during the 1800s.  Nadine
does not specify which text she was taught from.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Without Pulling Hair"

Nov. 6, 94.  In school.  Clara, Nannie and I took a walk down town just before dinner.  Nannie and Lucy called a few minutes.  In the after noon we went up to Traxler's room.  I went down home with the girls.  Ate apples.  Came to Shorthand class.  Mrs. Holz handed me a note at the dinner table informing me that Mr. Kinsey wished to see me.  Called at the office and Mr. Kinsey asked me several questions and laughed and said if you think you and Miss Shafer can live together with out pulling hair I think you had better do so and ask me if I didn't think so, I told him I did.  Went to type writing  room.  Told the girls about it and they nearly died laughing about it.  Miss Stevenson reported Clara the same day.  Club met in the evening at Jones' room.  Had lots of fun.  Plaid games adjourned at ten oclock.  Mr. Moss was there.  I got stuck on him.  I went to Star Hall with Hodges for him to rehearse his recitation.  He intended speaking at the Michigan club* entertainment.  He brought me from club and ask me to go some place with him Wednesday evening.  Studied till eleven oclock.
*Michigan Club: a prominent Republican organization

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Every Thing Good"

Sunday, Nov. 4, 94.  At home.  Miss Traxler and I went down to Nannie's and Lucy's room.  We all took a walk over to Mound Hall.  Saw Mr. Warren.  Wanted him to give me a picture he had gotten with a paper but would not.  We came from there to Clara's room.  Found her asleep.  Ella and Thomas went home.  Nannie and I staid till nearly dinner time.  We came over to my room and dressed.  Went down to Nannie's and Lucie's rooms.  We were invited out for dinner by Mr. Thomas.  The table was composed of Lucy Thomas, Nannie Whitlaw, Mr. Loz, Mr. Obrien, Mr. Thomas and my self.  Had turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, cranberries, celery, pumpkin pie, cookies, sirup bread and butter and every thing good.  After dinner we all came up to Lucie's and Nannie's rooms.  Mr. Loz had to leave early.  Clara came and I walked up home with her and we went to her room and took a sleep.  I came over to supper and went back over to her room.  Mr. Warren and Mr. Hodges came down.  We intended going to church but it was raining and did not go, but took a walk and pretended to Clara's room mate we were going to church.  Got in the mud shoe top deep.  Came back in a few minutes.  The old maid had gone to bed.  I staid all night with Clara.  The boys did not go home till ten oclock.  Clara and Warren took the sofa.  Hodges fonded me all evening and wanted me to promise my self to him.  Lost a set out of my ring.  When the boys went to go home Hodges and I went to pull me to him and we both fell in the other room.  After they went Clara and I greased our faces with vasiline.  I slept on the sofa.  We did not get up the next morning till six oclock but we went to breakfast any way.  Clara went half dressed and I was not much better.  Had lots of fun in the 10 oclock Penmanship class.  Mr. Warren walked up home with Clara.  Was talking about her room mate being sick.  Fred said he must go right up and see her.  Nanna and Clara got excused from Grammar.  Did not come to type writing till late, brought some apple with them.  Nannie came down with me and we went to see a room at Mound Hall.  Ate apples in the Short hand class.  Nannie came up in the evening.  We studied and ate apples.  I went a piece home with her.  Went up to Traxler's room a few minutes.  Came down.  Miss Gray was here.  Studied till nearly 11 oclock.  
Vaseline Advertisement, pre 1890s

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "We Wore Our Evening Dresses"

Nov. 3, 94.  Came over to breakfast.  Went over to Clara's room.  We went up to Mound Hall to look at the rooms.  Came back and went up to the Public office to get Clara's hair pin that she had lost on Halloween.  Came up to my room and my room mate ordered me to clean the rooms.  Did not do it and went back over with Clara.  Mr. Warren came down just before dinner to break an engagement with Clara.  He wanted to play foot ball.  Clara, Mr. Warren, Hodges and my self intended taking a walk in the after noon, but it was too muddy.  Came over to Cash Hall for dinner then went up to Miss Traxlers room.  Clara came over for me.  I went over with her and Mr. Hodges came down. Clara's room mate was in the bed room washing or sleeping I don't know which, we talked for a while, and Clara took the rocking chair turned her face to the wall and put her feet on the wall.  She was reading a book.  She went to sleep and left Mr. Hodges and I sitting on the sofa.  I got home sick, but of course had some one to pet me in the evening.  Clara, Messers Warren, Hodges and myself went to the Star Society.  We started from Clara's room.  We all went together.  We girls wore our evening dresses.  I staid all night with Clara.  The boys did not go home till late.  Clara and Warren took the sofa, the lamp was turned down and we thought it was going to explode.
Mound Hall
An example of evening dress in 1894

Friday, November 2, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Staid All Night"

Friday night.  Did not go to Society.  Mr. Hodges came up.  My room mate was in so he and I went over to see Clara.  Mr. Varne was there.  I staid all night with Clara.  The boys did not go home till after 11 oclock.  Hodges and I had the sofa.  I got sick of seeing Varne and Clara spoon.  Clara and I slept on the floor.  

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "A Little Excitement"

Thursday, Nov. 94.  In school.  While in the Short hand class in the evening some boy handed me a note in the window to Mr. Trussel for me.  It was from Mr. Reed asking for my company to the Lecture that evening.  Had to decline because I had a previous engagement with Mr. Hodges.  In the evening went to Col. Bain's• Lecture.  Enjoyed very much.  A little excitement cause by the fire bell ringing which was only an explosion of a lamp in Mr. Lions room.  Mr. Hodges came in for a few minutes after we came home.  My room mate was in the room.  
*George W. Bain was, according to newspapers of the time, "a gifted Kentuckian who has won national fame as a lecturer."  His lectures were described as "bright, entertaining and eloquent and will prove a pleasant evening's entertainment."  Project Gutenberg has a copy of Eight Popular Lectures available for online reading.