Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Without Pulling Hair"

Nov. 6, 94.  In school.  Clara, Nannie and I took a walk down town just before dinner.  Nannie and Lucy called a few minutes.  In the after noon we went up to Traxler's room.  I went down home with the girls.  Ate apples.  Came to Shorthand class.  Mrs. Holz handed me a note at the dinner table informing me that Mr. Kinsey wished to see me.  Called at the office and Mr. Kinsey asked me several questions and laughed and said if you think you and Miss Shafer can live together with out pulling hair I think you had better do so and ask me if I didn't think so, I told him I did.  Went to type writing  room.  Told the girls about it and they nearly died laughing about it.  Miss Stevenson reported Clara the same day.  Club met in the evening at Jones' room.  Had lots of fun.  Plaid games adjourned at ten oclock.  Mr. Moss was there.  I got stuck on him.  I went to Star Hall with Hodges for him to rehearse his recitation.  He intended speaking at the Michigan club* entertainment.  He brought me from club and ask me to go some place with him Wednesday evening.  Studied till eleven oclock.
*Michigan Club: a prominent Republican organization

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