Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "What We Girls Were Up To"

Tuesday, Nov. 27.  Got up in time for breakfast.  Clara didn't.  Will wasn't there either so Fred and I had to represent the club.  I mean the F.L.C.C.  Fred walked up to the room with me.  Ask me what we girls were up to last night.  Told him nothing of course.  He believed me.  Yes why shouldn't he the way we treated him the night before.  Had good hot cakes.  I ate 3.  Went to class.  Had a good lesson for once.  Mr. Frantzen told me I could type write at 7:35 on machine 18.  Clara and I came home.  She was not feeling well.  Both got a letter from our Mammas.  She took a good cry over hers but I felt all right.  Miss Lenord called after Chapel.  Stayed till Clara came at 10 and went to Elocution at 11 with us.  Ge how she does dislike Nannie Whitlaw.  Guess jealousy over Moss is the cause of it.  Miss Gitlin and the older Miss Delay tried to flirt with Will but I didn't see him flirt with them for I kept my eye on him instead of paying attention.  Clara and Miss Leonard left before the bell rang so I had to go to the dining Hall alone.  Will and I were the first ones at our table.  Stinson told me to call after dinner and he would give me my receipt.  The boys came home with us.  Will and I didn't take a walk as usual but came to our room.  Fred and Clara took the \\\ as usual.  Nannie came and knocked at the door and Will wouldn't let me open it for her so she looked through mail slide and saw me sitting on his lap but I don't care.  She said she wanted her books but they were not here so pretty soon there was another knock at the door.  I opened it and it was Lucy Thomas.  I told her about what I thought of Nannie for her books weren't here.  Will waited till it was time for the second bell before he went to class.  "Ge" he was so sweet.  I didn't want him to go.  I was alone there.  Was a knock at the door.  And who was it but that horrid old Lyon.  Clara came in a few minutes and went back to Lucie's room.  He begin talking nonsense and I made him stop.  He went so far as to tell me I was the prettiest girl that ever came to Valpo.  He begin saying something about Will and I just told him he could not say any thing about him to me any way.  Miss Leonard called.  She and Clara took the bedroom.  They went away and still Lyon stayed.  Nannie came in.  We all got our Shorthand lesson out.  He went out and brought some kindling and some candy*.  Ge how good the candy was.  He started the fire and it was time for me to go to class and I told him I would not dare to leave the hall with him for Hodges would see me, so he went home.  I left the stove door closed, and no one was in the room till about supper time and every things was about to take fire.  Came home from class alone.  Went to supper.  The boys came home with us.  I told Will about Lyon being here and about Moss walking home with me the night before.  He got so angry he wouldn't let me be near him and was going to go home but I coaxed him not to go.  Little fool I was for doing it but I couldn't help it.  I went out.  Clara came after me.  Fred talked to Hodges and got him in a better humor when we came in he was in the \\\.  I went in.  Took a cry and after a long while we made up.  Clara made him go home about 10.  He didn't intend staying only till 7:35, but did. I promised I never would go with another boy. 
Candy advertisement from the 1890s

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