Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Every Thing Good"

Sunday, Nov. 4, 94.  At home.  Miss Traxler and I went down to Nannie's and Lucy's room.  We all took a walk over to Mound Hall.  Saw Mr. Warren.  Wanted him to give me a picture he had gotten with a paper but would not.  We came from there to Clara's room.  Found her asleep.  Ella and Thomas went home.  Nannie and I staid till nearly dinner time.  We came over to my room and dressed.  Went down to Nannie's and Lucie's rooms.  We were invited out for dinner by Mr. Thomas.  The table was composed of Lucy Thomas, Nannie Whitlaw, Mr. Loz, Mr. Obrien, Mr. Thomas and my self.  Had turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, cranberries, celery, pumpkin pie, cookies, sirup bread and butter and every thing good.  After dinner we all came up to Lucie's and Nannie's rooms.  Mr. Loz had to leave early.  Clara came and I walked up home with her and we went to her room and took a sleep.  I came over to supper and went back over to her room.  Mr. Warren and Mr. Hodges came down.  We intended going to church but it was raining and did not go, but took a walk and pretended to Clara's room mate we were going to church.  Got in the mud shoe top deep.  Came back in a few minutes.  The old maid had gone to bed.  I staid all night with Clara.  The boys did not go home till ten oclock.  Clara and Warren took the sofa.  Hodges fonded me all evening and wanted me to promise my self to him.  Lost a set out of my ring.  When the boys went to go home Hodges and I went to pull me to him and we both fell in the other room.  After they went Clara and I greased our faces with vasiline.  I slept on the sofa.  We did not get up the next morning till six oclock but we went to breakfast any way.  Clara went half dressed and I was not much better.  Had lots of fun in the 10 oclock Penmanship class.  Mr. Warren walked up home with Clara.  Was talking about her room mate being sick.  Fred said he must go right up and see her.  Nanna and Clara got excused from Grammar.  Did not come to type writing till late, brought some apple with them.  Nannie came down with me and we went to see a room at Mound Hall.  Ate apples in the Short hand class.  Nannie came up in the evening.  We studied and ate apples.  I went a piece home with her.  Went up to Traxler's room a few minutes.  Came down.  Miss Gray was here.  Studied till nearly 11 oclock.  
Vaseline Advertisement, pre 1890s

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