Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Not Very Much"

Wednesday Nov. 7, 1894.  In school.  Snowed in the morning.  I fell down when coming from Short hand class in the morning.  Was with Nannie.  Mr. Lion walked up home with us.  He carried my books.  Some boys sno balled us while going to penmanship class*.  Got a note from Mr. Hodges.  The T. W. P. arranged just before dinner to go and have our picture taken.  We met at Misses Thomas and Whitlaws room just after dinner and went to the Photographer gallery.  Came home.  Left the other people.  Hodges came up.  We went up to Miss Traxlers' room, then came down to my room.  Miss Sinclair was not in.  Mr. Hodges fonded me and expressed his love to me all the while, till Miss Sinclair came home.  Went down to supper.  Was so mad I wouldn't talk to any one.  Was so mad at my room mate I would not stay in the room with her but staid up in Miss Trasler's room till supper time.  After supper my room mate was real good to me. I read up the room, started the fire with oil and had an explosion.  Second floor girls gave a reception but would not take part.  Was the only contrary one on the floor.  Mr. Hodges and I were up in Miss Traxler's room till nearly eleven oclock.  He teased me all the time we were up there.  Came down to my room.  He staid a little while.  Fonded me all the time.  Ask me how much I loved him.  Told him not very much.  Ask me if I could always love him.  He said he could always love me.  Talked none sense and spooned, till Miss Sinclair and a young man Mr. Simmons came in on us.  They intended sitting down but he suggested that they go to an other room and not interrupt us, was very glad they did, for Mr. Hodges staid longer.  We spooned a little while longer.  Then he went home.  I opened the bed room door and watched the Reception people promenading through the Hall.  My room mate came in.  Told me about it.  I wrote in my diary.  Got ready and went to bed.  Did not get any mail.  Was a little home sick.
Sample page from Spencerian Key to Practical
, popular during the 1800s.  Nadine
does not specify which text she was taught from.

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