Friday, November 9, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Blue All Day"

Friday, Nov. 9, 94.  Nannie and I went to the star for breakfast about half past 5 oclock.  Nannie was through eating before I was so she did not wait for me but came up to Miss Gardner's room and borrowed a lamp to see to finish dressing.  Mr. Gardner came over to the room.  Mr. Bennet talked to me at the dining room after Nannie left and ask me to accompany him to a trial at the law building that evening, but declined because I did not care to go with him.  Nannie went to Chicago on the 6:20 train that morning.  I intended going down to the station with her but it was snowing and I would have no umbrella to come home under so did not go but went back in the room.  Pulled the sofa up in front of the stove, got a comforter and a pillow and laid down on it and went to sleep till about 7 oclock when Mrs. Wire came in and woke me.  She wanted the soap* that Nannie had borrowed the night before.  I got it for her and she stood there and talked and ask questions for about an hour and I was dying to go to sleep again so after she went out I laid down and slept till nearly 11 oclock when Mrs. Wise came in the room again so I got up and got some of Nannie's things that she wanted me to look after and came up to my room in East Hall to look upon the face of all the people that I disliked so much.  Mr. Kelley was standing up in front of the College building and told me that Mr. Kinsey wanted to see me well that worried me nearly to death.  I came on down to my room and met once more with my horrid old room mate and she ask me if I saw Mr. Kelley.  I told her I had.  I went back up to the office.  Mr. Kinsey was not in.  Mr. Garland was there so I talked to him.  He was so blue I didn't know what to do with my self.  I told him I was going home.  He didn't want to hear to it but about half believed I was in earnest.  I did fell earnest about it but at the same time knew I was not going.  I got tired of waiting and went out in the Hall. Mr. Kelley came out.  I ask him what was the matter now and he told me he thought it was something about my room _e_t (?).  You can't imagine how relieved I felt then.  Mr. Kinsey came and I ask him if he wanted to see me and he told me it was about my room.  I felt so good over it for I though I had been reported again.  I came down to my room.  Wrote in my diary and talked to my old maid room mate.  She had the rooms all cleaned up for the first time while I roomed with her, for she always left it for me to do.  I looked like the dickens all day after loosing a nights sleep.  I told Nannie if she ever told any one on me I would kill her.  She was so anxious to have me go to Chicago with her but could not go.  Messers. Lion and Moss intended going over on the same train she did and they wanted me to go.  Said they would take us around and show us the City.  I would like so much to have gone with them.  I got a letter from Mamma in the preceding morning.  I was so glad to get it.  She wrote me such a nice one.  Went to dinner.  Was starving hungry.  Had a good dinner for once.  After dinner went up to Mound Hall to see when I could get my room.  The janitor told me I could have it right away.  So he said he could have my trunk moved right away.  The wind nearly blew me away.  When I was coming from the Hall my hair looked like I had been in a cyclone.  Every person made a change in the hall.  You  could hear nothing but the moving of trunks.  I was tickled nearly to death when I found that I could have my room on Friday instead of waiting till Saturday for I was so anxious to get away home East Hall.  My room mate insisted that I should come and see her after I got moved.  I thanked her for the invitation and invited her to come and see me.  She said she would before I was moved two days.  I was not very anxious for her to come and see me for I like her better out of my sight.  Ella Traxler went home on the 9 oclock train and I did not get to say good bye for I did not get up from Nannie's room in time.  Met Mr. Cooley between Star and East Hall.  He ask me if I wanted to snow ball.  I told him No.  Mr. Stinson spoke to me and said a fine day, Miss Naddie.  I told him yes.  How I do detest him.  I saw Mr. Frink in the morning and I ask him if my piece of music Sweet Marie was over at Mrs. Fritz's.  Yes, he said it was and that he would bring it over.  I told him all right.  I wished he would for I was going to move and maby go home.  I was feeling so blue about that time that I could have said anything.  I told him I was mad, but not at him.  My room mate was awfully nice before I left her.  Of coarse the reason of it was because I was going to leave her and not because she like me any better than she had.  After dinner two men came down and carried my trunk up to Mound Hall for me.  Then Miss Sinclair and I came up.  She stayed a few minutes.  Said she would go down and if there was any mail would come back again.  Mr. Lambert offered to build a fire for me, but I told him I could build it.  Miss Sinclair came back with a letter for me from John Spriggs.  She did not stay but a minute.  I fixed up the rooms, wrote three letters, one to Mamma, one to Lucy Linn and one to John Spriggs.  Went to supper.  Mr. Stinson came to the table.  Told me to see him after supper and we would settle our account.  I went in his office.  He was not in.  I told Mr. Frink I would call again.  Mr. Kelley told me that Prof. Kinsey ask him to my roommate for my some thing.  I came up to my room.  The wind nearly blew me away.  I wrote some.  No person called.  I brought three cookies from supper with me.  I ate them.  Wrote in my diary.  Went out to the hydren.  Got a drink.  Went to bed about 7 oclock.  Blue all day.
Borax soap advertisement from the 1890s

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