Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jergens Royal Perfume Violet

In our collection is a perfume bottle that once contained Jergens Royal Perfume Violet.  This bottle may have belonged to either Eva Hodges or Margaret Hodges.
J.J. Hodges, Eva Hodges, and William Cabot Hodges, early 1900s
Jergens founded in 1882 by Andrew Jergens of Cincinnati, Ohio. The company bought out Eastman Royal Perfumes in 1901. The company was purchased by American Brands in 1970.  Today the parent company of Jergens is Kao, founded in 1887 in Japan.  For a history of the company...
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Jergens.  I bet she smelled sweet.
To see an 1918 advertisement for Royal Perfumes...

The Royal Perfume line was launched in 1910.  The company specialized in unique perfume names.  Other Jergens Perfumes from that year were Ponce de Leon, Pretty Pink Perfume, Queen of Hearts, Rose of Killarney, Scotch Thistle, St. Regis, Wild Grape Blossom, and Yutopia.

The Violet scent featured in a number of Jergens products:  Chloris Violet (1904), Panama Violet (1908), Normandy Violette (1918), Violet (1925), Violet Mt. Blanc (1925), Violette d'Orleans (1925), Violette de Lorme (1925, Violette de Saville (1925) and Violette Petals (1925).

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