Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mellier's Honeysuckle

Eva M. (Parker) Hodges was born in Garden Plain, IL, 1853.
She was the mother of Sen. William Cabot Hodge.
She lived at Goodwood with her son and daughter-in-law
from 1925 until her death in 1939.
From the perfume bottle collection:  Mellier's Honeysuckle, New York, St. Louis.  This perfume probably belonged to Eva Hodges.

Mellier's was a pharmacy.  Very little information is available regarding the founder.  The pharmacy was bought out in 1892 by Maurice W. Alexander, who already had a highly successful pharmacy in St. Louis. Alexander's pharmacy had a line of colognes in the 1870s and it is possible that the line continued on under the Mellier name. The Honeysuckle fragrance was launched in 1899. For more on the use of Honeysuckle in perfumes...

Mellier's had a number of interesting perfumes including Dewey Bouquet (1898, named after Admiral Dewey), Florita (1899), Espanita (1900), Essence of Jamaica Ginger (1900), Tongaline (1900), American Beauty (1908), and Ping Pong (1910).  
Mellier's "High Class" Perfumes postcard

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