Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Popcorn and Peanuts"

Thursday, Nov. 29.  After the boys went home Clara and I made a bed on the floor by the stove and slept till after 8 oclock.  Got up.  Cleaned the rooms.  I washed a piece or two.  Had them hanging by the stove.  Clara was out in the hall and Ferd came to the room with her.  When she got to the door she said, "Nadine put them away.  Maby I didn't do some tall hustling about that time.  We dressed.  Had a notion to go to church but did not.  Clara went to the Restaurant and got some cakes.  We got some peanuts and popcorn from a boy*.  Ate them.  "Ge"how we did enjoy them.  Will came over.  Went to dinner, but a friend from Chicago was visiting Fred so we did not go.  Will came home with me.  Stayed all after noon.  I missed all my classes.  We were in the \\\.  Clara came home at 5 oclock, and we pretended we were asleep and Fred came down as usual and they woke us up.  Will went over home.  Dressed and we went down town for supper.  I had lots of fun.  Will told me to notice how people glanced at me and how attractive I was.  Coming home we saw Moss & Lyon.  I did not speak.  Will thought I was a darling little girl for not speaking.  Came home.  Nannie came to the room.  Clara was in her stocking feet and had on her black night gown.  He ridiculous she did look.  I went out to see Nannie come in.  Clara gave us a dose of ginger tea and she went to bed.  We were out of coal.  The fire went out about 10 oclock.  Will went home then for I was tired and sleepy.  I took a cry and he petted me up.  He told me so much.  He got me a glass of water before he went home.  I went to bed.  Slept good all night.  Clara told me the next morning I hugged her thinking she was Will.  
*The first popcorn machine was invented in Chicago, Illinois, by Charles Cretors in 1885.   He was issued a peddlers license and the popcorn was sold on the streets.  The gasoline powered popcorn machines were located in front of stores to attract attention and street vendors would push them around to follow crowds.  C. Cretors & Company is still in business.
from  Early photograph of a popcorn machine.

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