Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Ginger Tea"

Saturday Nov. 17.  In school.  Went to chapel.  Clara cleaned the rooms.  Done up all the work before breakfast.  Strange we got up in time to breakfast once a term.  Clara washed the handkerchiefs.  Went to dinner.  Washed some in the afternoon.  Clara was sick.  She made some ginger tea* and doced herself up.  She took a bath.  Went to bed.  Did not go to supper.  I brought her some bananas from the dining room.  Will came home with me.  Fred came down.  Brought her a programme of her classes.  He stayed in the room with her.  Will and I kept the study room.  He bought me a box of Bon bons.  Isn't he a darling little boy?  We didn't agree for awhile.  I told him of my experience with Jim McKennan, and he told he he would begin that very night to learn to forget me.  He would let me put my arms around him or anything.  I coaxed him for a long time before he would take me back.  Oh my what a feeling to be in love.  I cryed when we were talking but oh, how sweet he was after we made up.  I took a good cry and he could not help it any longer.  He pad to pet me up.  Fred and Clara heard me.  What all I did experience that night.  The boys went home about one oclock.  Will did not go for a little while after Fred.  
*Recipe for Ginger Tea.

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