Friday, November 16, 2012

Nadine's Diary, "Everything Else Imaginable"

Friday Nov. 16, 94.  Did not get up in time for breakfast or Shorthand class.  Went to chapel.  Had lots of fun.  In school.  Hodges walked from Elocution class to dinner with us.  Clara teased us nearly to death about being up so late and every thing else imaginable. Fred was not through by the time we were so Clara, Hodges & I came on up.  Hodges came in and stayed till one oclock.  Nannie Whitlaw knocked at the door.  We pretended we did not hear her so she came the second time but no person responded.  Fred came in the room from dinner.  I was sitting on Will's lap and Mr. Loffler went past and saw us.  For he put his book up in front of his eyes and in a few minutes John Hodges came past.  I know those boys went down and told him.  Fred told Clara that we were worse than they were.  He kissed Clara by by and went on to his room.  Will called at the room in the morning but there was no one there.  He told me after dinner that I should not belong to the same section in debate that Loffler & Simmons did.  He spooned a while, and Nannie came in so he left.  I wrote in my diary and studied a little while.  When we got up there was a pancake laying on the floor.  The boys had brought it up from the breakfast table.  Clara said she saw some one run past the window and she was not dressed or she would have opened the window and looked to see whom it was.  They did not deny doing it.  Wrote a letter to Aunt Belle while Clara was sleeping.  Hodges was here.  Recited a very sad piece for us.  Clara went in to Whitlaws room.  Fred called for her.  They had lots of fun.  Lucy was ready for bed when Fred too the lamp to the bed room door.  Hodges stayed till 11 oclock.  The boys came in after dinner.  Some boys went by and saw me sitting on Hodges' lap.  Told his brother.  He walked up past the room but we had changed our positions.  

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