Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nadine's Diary, The Last Entry

I will miss Nadine and her college adventures.  I hope that one day we will find out what became of her!  It has been an interesting view into the young Hodges.  Here he is, a handsome young man, with the whole world in front of him.  He seems sure that the worst that could happen to him would be to lose a girl.  Not too long after this,  he will experience the pain of losing his brother to a horse and buggy accident.  He will come through that to mature into a hard-driving achiever, although he would never lose sense of fun.
Saturday, December 1, 1894. Will and I made a \\\ on the floor.  They didn't go home till about nine that afternoon. Ge isn't that awful? They were so good to us. They went out.  Got some oranges, bananas, crackers and salmond (?). How we did enjoy it. Some one put a letter in our mail slide for Will addressed to our room. We all said it was a put up trick of Kettles and Garlands. They again started home after telling some tacky conundrums.  Clara and I cleaned up the rooms and washed. I did not go to dinner. Fred came home with Clara and as usual took the \\\. Lucy Thomas came over to borrow our iron. Guess she thought they were in the \\\ by the way she talked. Don't care if she did. She would like to have a fellow herself if she could get one. Ge my pants are scorching. Wrote in my diary.

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