Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Christmas Card from the Collins

Margaret saved this card from 1961, the year that Gov. Collins left the Governor's Mansion, having served from 1954-1961.  They are heading towards their home, The Grove, which is next door to the Mansion.  The card reads:
As this year draws to a close we end an experience of rare challenge and enjoyment.
Not only do we say "Merry Christmas" and express our sincere good wishes for your health and happiness; we also thank you for your friendship, your confidence and your prayers.
They have deeply enriched our lives and will remain unforgettable always.
LeRoy Collins
In case they are difficult to read, the photographs are labeled:  Roy Jr., Jane, Mary Call Jr., Roy, Darby, Mary Call, Jane, John.  For more information about Gov. Collins, check out the Museum of Florida History site.

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