Tuesday, December 11, 2012

To Christmas Tree Buyers

From Margaret Hodges' December, 1949 issue of Home Gardening:

To Christmas Tree Buyers
When selecting a tree feel the twigs and needles and avoid a tree that is dry or brittle.  Snap off a small branch and if the wood under the bark is moist, the tree is fresh and can be kept that way through the holidays.  
When you get the tree home saw off the end of the trunk diagonally at least an inch above the original cut.  Stand the tree in a container of water level above the cut surface as long as the tree is in use.  Not only will the water keep the tree fresh, but it will fireproof it at the same time.  Brittle or dry Christmas trees burn like tinder, so be sure to take this extra precaution.
Margaret (right) and Annie Ferrell (left) in front of the
Goodwood Christmas tree, c. 1940s.  

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