Monday, July 9, 2012

A Tasty Dish for Every Day of the Year

From the Goodwood Library:  a fabulous little volume, 365 Tasty Dishes, A Tasty Dish for Every Day of the Year, published in 1906 by George W. Jacobs & Co.  Personally, I can't wait to try a few, that is, if I can handle the vast amounts of cream and grease!  The books is arranged in calendar fashion.  I may just have to refer to this often.  Here is today's dish, July 9th:

Score each ear down the rows with a sharp knife, then with the back of the blade press out all the pulp; in this way the indigestible hulls are rejected.  Measure and to 1 point of this pulp add salt and pepper to give a very high seasoning, 3 well-beaten eggs, and sufficient sifted flour to make a thick drop batter, the amount depending on the milkiness of the corn.  Drop by small spoonfuls in a kettle of smoking hot fat and cook like doughnuts.  Or fry in a little fat in a frying pan, turning when browned on one side.  Serve very hot. 

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