Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's Whitehair Everywhere

From a scrapbook of Senator Hodges, political advertisement for Francis P. Whitehair for Governor (the back of which boldly proclaims: "Francis P. Whitehair our next Governor").

In 1940, Whitehair's run Governor of Florida was ended by Spessard Holland, who defeated him in the democratic primary.  Senator Hodges, also a democrat, was originally on the democratic ticket, but was forced to drop out of the race due to his health.  Spessard Holland went on to become the 28th Governor of Florida.

Whitehair, a WWI and WWII veteran, was a successful attorney who went on to become the attorney general of American Samoa in 1943.  Truman, in 1950, appointed Whitehair as Under Secretary of the Navy.  Francis Preston Whitehair died in 1977.

There's a man in sunny Florida
Always greets you with a grin
His heart is in the heart of Florida
Ev-ry-body wants to see him win
For it's Whitehair ev-ry-where
He'll bring health and a wealth of good cheer
He'll understand, lend a hand to ev-ry maid and man
And make your troubles disappear
In a united Florida
Where your schemes and your dreams come true
From the North to the Coast
He's the man they want the most
It's Whitehair ev-ry-where,
For you.

One man can help our Florida--
If we will only help him win__
He comes from DeLand, but stands for Florida--
Do your best and put him in--
So stand with Whitehair That's right where there'll be--
Happy days for you and me--
His heart and his labor will go to help his neighbor
He's planning for you constantly
So vote for Whitehair and right there you'll see--
He will march to victory--
So Let's all unite there and vote for Francis Whitehair--
Whitehair will do right there for you--

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