Thursday, July 19, 2012

Main House Interior, 1958

This is part of the a series of photographs taken on September 7, 1958.  
This is the back parlor, with the black bookcases removed. Margaret's portrait hangs above the cabinet (which is now upstairs).  The rosewood furniture has been moved into this room with the black marble table in the center.
Another view of the back parlor.  The look is very clean and uncluttered.
On to the front parlor:  The "Marie Antoinette" table takes its usual place in the center of the room.  There appears to be a fireplace insert.
 Looking toward the back door:  Two empire tables, topped with lamps, face one another.  The Venetian glass chandeliers are in place.  There are at least three sculptures in sight.
Looking toward the front door:  The 17th century table is in its usual place with the ornate carved chairs flanking, however the liquor cart is missing. 

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