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Remedies & Recipes

We have in our collection a fabulous scrapbook with all kinds of newspaper clippings mostly pertaining to remedies and recipies.  This could have belonged Margaret Hodges' mother, Clara Idella Wilson (1832-1945).   Some of the clippings come from Home Circle Magazine, which was in print from the 1850s until at least the 1930s.   A few eno means do I endorse trying them out.  Brace yourself for a few posts on this scrapbook.  I am completely fascinated!  A few examples* follow, all from the first two pages of the book.  

*I share these remedies out of historical interest and by no means do I endorse trying them out.  

For Diptheria
Roast an onion with sulphur in it, squeeze out juice, give the juice, bind onion on the throat and give sage tea made into syrup with honey and give honey and salts often.  I would like letters as I am lonely, my husband died three years ago and I live with my two boys on a small farm.  I wish those who are successful with chickens would write:  Mrs. Rettie Garman, Cork, KY
For Cataract of the Eye & Asthma
Dear Mrs. Helm:  Here are two simple and harmless remedies for cataract of the eye.  The Mexican remedy is put a drop of the milk from the cocoanut in the eye.  It cuts the cataract.  The other is 1 drop of honey three times a day, and that also cuts the cataract.  Will you please publish these, as I see by the magazine some one is looking for a remedy.  Wild plum bark, made into a tea and drinking three cups a day will cure asthma.  Take it for 6 weeks.  Mrs. H. Heide, San Francisco, Cal.
Seed Beer
One-half cupful of pearl barley and one-half cup of molasses or dark brown sugar to each part water.  Put these into a jar and cork tightly.  Set in a warm place for twenty-four hours and it will be ready for use.  The seed multiply rapidly.  After the seed are formed you need only the syrup and water to make a new supply.  It should be strained before drinking.
For Tonsillitis
Here is a sure cure for tonsillitis.  I was given up and went to an Herb Doctor who gave me a handful of Sage and some Sumach Berries.  I made a strong tea of these and gargled the throat with it, making two teas and using one an hour after the other.  After using this 10 hours, bathe the throat with Sassafrass Oil to take the swelling down.  I have told several about it, and they laughed and through it foolish but it did work.  Writes J.E.G., Redlands, Calif.
For Hair-Restorer
Here is a formula for hair-restorer which has been used for more than fifty years.  Three ounces each of glycerine and bay-rum, one-half ounce of lac sulphur, five drops of bergamot and one quart of boiled water.  Use as a hair-dressing every day until the hair is restored to former color, and then about twice a week.  This is not a dye, but restores the hair to the original color, and used as directed will keep it that way.  Mrs. L.N., Maiden, Missouri.
For Warts
To Sister Mollie, who asked about those willow-ashes for warts, let me offer another simple remedy which I have proved good.  I had a wart the size of a dime on my thumb and every time I bumped it against something, or played the piano, or did typing it hurt so that I wanted to cry.  I tried everything I could learn of to no avail.  I tried every doctor who put nitric acid on it, and all used the electric needle, but it just wouldn't go away.  Finally, in accordance with my aunt's suggestion, I cut a hole in a lemon and would put my thumb in every few minutes for a few days.  In a week the wart disappeared and has never returned:  this was nearly two years ago.  If the wart is where you cannot treat it in just this way, cut a piece of lemon, apply to the wart and tie up for two or three nights, or until the cure is effected.  Mrs. E.H.B., Omaha, Neb.
For Corns
Have any of you ever suffered with corns on, or between toes, a good relief for that is to make a grease with salicylic acid, and apply twice a day on the corn until you kill it, then it will come off when you soak your feet.  Miss Amelia Vidrine, Ville Platte, Louisiana.
For Rheumatism of the Bone
Dear Mrs. Helm:  I have read Home Circle for years and find the Homemakers Club the best ever.  I want to pass on a tried and true remedy for rheumatism of the bone.  My husband suffered for years with his right arm and is as free of pain now as ever, due to this remedy alone.  Dig a large polk root and wash, put in the stove and bake till soft.  Cut it open down one side and mash the inside until it is smooth and soft.  Then bind to the palm (inside) of the hand where the pain is in the arm; this will draw very hard and soon relieve the most severe case of rheumatism in a short time.  If the pain is in the leg apply the same poultice to the bottom of the foot.  Mrs. Melvina Presnell, Matney, North Carolina.
Grandmother's Ginger Cookies
One-half cup shortening; 1 cup brown sugar; 1 teaspoon salt; 1 cup molasses; 1 teaspoon ginger; 1 egg, 1 teaspoon soda; 1 cup sour milk; 4 1/2 cups pastry flour.  Cream shortening, sugar and salt.  Add other ingredients in order given with soda dissolved in sour milk.  Mix thoroughly; drop by spoonfuls on baking pan and bake in a medium oven. (50 cookies). 
Crisps Butter Cookies
1 cup butter; 1 cup granulated sugar; 2 eggs; 1 teaspoon Watkins Cream of Tartar; 2 1/4 cups flour; 1/2 teaspoon soda; 1/2 teaspoon Watkins Vanilla; 1/2 teaspoon Watkins Lemon Extract 

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