Thursday, March 7, 2013

On His Record of Service

A paid political advertisement from one of Senator Hodges' scrapbooks from March 1936:

On His Record of Service
Not a Platform of Promises
We Recommend
Senator Wm. C. Hodges
for Governor of Florida

Of Carolina parentage, schooled in Jeffersonian Democracy.  For 20 years member of the Florida Legislature.  President of the Senate the last term.
  1. Twenty years ago Senator Hodges introduced the first bill to exempt homes from taxation.  The bill received two votes.  But he carried the fight on continuously, and in 1934 the people exempted the homes.
  2. Twenty years ago he began the fight for pensions for the aged, dependent mothers and crippled children.  Today all America demands pensions for the aged.
  3. At every session of the Legislature Senator Hodges has labored for a nine-months term for schools and prompt payment of teachers' salaries.  He had passed the Senatorial Scholarship Bill.
  4. He has successfully opposed every form of sales tax unless all ad valorem was removed from real estate, and has assisted in defeating the nuisance taxes on the theory that grits and bacon of the poor should not be taxed for government.
Senator Hodges by his experience, his sound judgement and leadership is the man who has a record for a platform, not a platform of promises.
(Paid political advertisement of friends of Wm. C. Hodges)

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