Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Documentary Featuring Crooms Family

This is a UCF documentary, "Goldsborough: An American Story."  It includes information about the Crooms family.  Moses and Daphne Crooms were slaves on the Goodwood Plantation who moved to Sanford, Florida, after the Civil War.  Since this is long--11:15 is where it actually begins (there is an introductory interview segment).  At 16:20 (or so) there is a reference to the importance of education.  The first Crooms reference is at 20:10.  At 26:26, Moses Crooms is discussed briefly.  At 32:32 the Crooms School is discussed. And at 34:54 (and this is fabulous) Daphne Crooms, granddaughter of Moses and Daphne Crooms, has her 100th birthday celebration.  She talks about her grandmother.

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