Sunday, January 6, 2013

Winsome Winnie of the Mill

From the collection of Susan Hopkins: "Winsome Winnie of the Mill", words by C.O. Clayton, music by John Rogers Thomas. This song was published in 1858, which seems to have been a prolific year for John Rogers Thomas. To listen to this song, and just about every other song by Thomas, check out While this may not be one of his most popular works, the chorus is fun to sing and may be stuck in my head all day.
John Rogers Thomas
Winsome Winnie of the Mill
Where the sun, when daylight's closing,
Throws a mellow golden light,
O'er you snowy cottage, peeping
Thro' the vine and blossoms bright;
There, amid its quiet beauty,
By the ever flowing rill:
Dwells our gentle village darling,

Winsome Winnie, Winsome Winnie of the mill.
Winsome Winnie,
Winsome Winnie,
Winsome Winnie, Winsome Winnie of the mill.

Joyous as the Queen of Music,
Warbling some enchanting lay;
Fairer than the rosy dawning,
Of a glorious summer day;
Graceful as the welcome Flora,
Decking forest, vale and hill,
Is our gentle village darling,

Always making others happy
By some kindly word or deed:
Cheering those that bow in sorrow,
Helping those that strive in need;
And the pray'rs her deeds awaken,
May the e'er with hope's fond thrill,
Guide aright from ill and sorrow,

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