Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kodachrome Prints, 1953

Palms and Azaleas along drive
Oaks and Azaleas, looking toward Main House
Gray Cottage, with Azaleas and Camellias
Front lawn, with Azaleas and Canary Island Date Palms

Rough House with pool to left
Close up of Pink Perfection Camellia
Pink Perfection Camellia
Camellia beside Gray Cottage, with Guest House behind
Azaleas and Camillia, Gray Cottage to left, Guest House
and Old Kitchen behind
Gray cottage.  Ivy covers the butlers' pantry.
Azaleas around the pool
View of Azalea bed in front of Main House

Azaleas by the Main House front porch
Another view of Azalea bed by Main House front porch 
Long view of Azaleas in front of Main House
Front view of Main House
View of Main House from the drive
Azaleas and Canary Island Date Palm in front of Main House

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