Friday, February 15, 2013

Ancestry of Fanny Hopkins Tiers

In answer to a recent question, "Was Fanny Hopkins Tiers related Arvah Hopkins?":

Fanny Hopkins Tiers descended from a different Hopkins line than Arvah.  Arvah's Hopkins ancester, Stephen Hopkins, was a Mayflower Passenger.  Fanny was a descendant of Gerard Hopkins who was born in 1650 in Canterbury, England.  

Fanny's Hopkins line:
Gerard Hopkins (b. 1650 in Canterbury, England, and died 1692 in MD) married Thomasin Baxter.

Gerrard Hopkins (b. 1685 in England)  (son of Gerard) married Margaret Johns (daughter of Richard Johns and Elizabeth Kinsey).  Gerrard's brother was the "Johns" of Johns Hopkins University fame.

Richard Hopkins Sr. (b. 1715 in MD) (son of Gerrard), married Katherine Todd.

Richard Hopkins Jr. (b. 1751 in MD) (son of Richard Sr.) married Rebecca Cumming (daughter of David and Sarah Cumming)

Nicholas Hopkins (b. 1788 in PA) (son of Richard Jr.) married Emily Macalester (daughter of Charles Macalester and Anna Sampson)
From Catalogue of the Memorial Exhibition of Portraits by Thomas Sully,
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, 1922
Henry Hopkins (b. ca. 1829 in PA and died in 1870) (son of Nicholas) married Ellen Lathrop (daughter of Francis Stebbins Lathrop and Caroline Gilmore).

Then Fanny Lathrop Hopkins (born in 1861) (daughter of Henry & Ellen)

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  1. You state that Gerrard that was b. 1685 was the brother of THE Johns Hopkins. That is incorrect. This Gerrard had a son Johns b. 1720 who m. (1) Elizabeth Thomas, they had 1 son Samuel b.1759 who m. Hannah Janney. Their son was THE Johns Hopkins b. 1795 d. 1873.