Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hardy Croom, Planter and Naturalist

This excellent article by Gibby Conrad for Tallahassee Magazine touches on several aspects of the lives of Hardy and Frances Croom.
The Life and Death of Hardy Croom:  His Body Was Lost But His Legacy Lives on in Goodwood and The Law  
The steam packet Home buzzed with activity as the passengers and crew readied for departure from New York City bound for Charleston, S.C., on Oct. 7, 1837. It was only the Home’s fourth such voyage. There were concerns the vessel wasn’t designed for ocean passages, but as a result of her reputation for speedy trips, excellent accommodations and the high character of her commander, Captain White, she carried a full complement of almost 90 passengers in addition to her crew of 43. Among her passengers were some of the East Coast’s most prominent families, including Hardy Bryan Croom, his wife Frances and their three children.  For the rest of the story...

The marker mentioned on the previous post about Hardy Croom is pictured on the Historical Marker Database.  The marker is in the Torreya State Park in front of the Gregory House.

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