Tuesday, May 22, 2012

L. E. Arrowsmith's School Book

In the parlor library:

I apologize for the fuzzy photos.  This is an English grammar book by Lindley Murray dated 1834 (sixth edition).  What is so interesting is the name inscribed:  L. E. Arrowsmith.  Was Lucy Anne Ellinor's book?  Lucy, the daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Arrowsmith, was born c. 1859.  Or did this book belong to another L. E. Arrowsmith, perhaps Dr. Arrowsmith's sibling?  (Dr. Arrowsmith was born in 1818 and married in 1839.)   Hmmm....

About the author:  Lindley Murray (1745-1826) was an American Quaker who moved to England before writing his grammar textbooks.  His first textbook was written for a Friends' school, although later his books gained a wider audience, selling millions of copies.

The 1819 (fourth edition) of this book is available online.

Update:  Volume I of this book has surfaced.  It also bears the inscription of L. E. Arrowsmith.

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